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I have to say that it was painful for me to watch Question Time, for the simple reason I gave up on it a long time ago as nothing more than "The Emperor's New Clothes".
The very fact that in this discussion where the BNP are winning more and more votes around the UK, they choose NOT to bring either Nick Griffin or yourself on the panel to defend the BNP shows the despicable BBC.
How appropriate that the Question on the BNP came from an ethnic minority? After all, heaven forbid that a question of the BNP come from a white person as that just wouldn't be BBC policy would it, as they fill their studio with their hand picked selection of "multicultural Britain".
I'm sorry Simon I only watched about 30 seconds, I loathe Question Time and the BBC.
However, safe to say I can imagine how the 'brainwashing' proceeded "BNP.......racist.....nazi......Islamaphobes.....hate mogers.......KKK...etc etc"

Regardless, this publicity, is still publicity. The fact that Farage is invited, from a party that's a waste of time and nothing more than a smaller version of the main three(it's really Conservative's side kick who are anti EU) is laughable. Let's see how they do in the EU elections.
Don't feel too disheartened as this is all helping the BNP. People are not stupid as they see that democracy is being destroyed by not inviting members of a perfectly legitimate political party on the BBC. I just hope that when the BNP win they start dismantling the structure of our corrupt society, sacking many people from public sector jobs and of course destroying the BBC by removing the license fee, even better just knock it down, all of Wood lane and their surrounding buildings.

I would like to say one thing - It seems as thought the Question Time voting audience is getting younger. The reason our government wants to reduce the voting age is like anything else in life - "get them while they're young as they're more prone to brainwashing".

P.S. I was one of those people out there who would never have looked at the BNP website or read your literature, but I did and I won't support any party currently running before the BNP. Although I haven't voted, I will the first time in the June Elections. There are many people like me, who seeing the mess of politics and democracy in the UK, have turned to the refreshingly honest policies of the BNP. I may not agree in all of them, as I've written on my blog, but I will support the BNP and that's what counts.

P.P.S. It was actually listening to you Simon Darby, that also helped in me supporting the BNP. You seem a very honest, down to earth individual and honesty and integrity are things I hold onto very dearly in life.

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It's good to see that the Daily Mirror classify John Sentamu as Ugandan and not British.

More so, the comment about the spears is not a racist comment. The use of spears in the continent of Africa is still widely used. If they don't believe me then let them view some footage on the Massai. I'm also sure as well that The Karamonjong tribe of Uganda use spears.

If anything the statement was a cultural statement by no means a racist one. By stating that African's throw spears is like saying the Scots play the bagpipes or the Dutch wear clogs.
The reason the paper made so much about it was simply down to the reason that the MSM were angry that the BNP were attacking their stance on multiculturalism. Everyone knows that John Sentamu isn't British and most certainly not English. He's every right to live here if he accepts our culture and laws, but has no right to define what he thinks is English and expect others to follow it. I'm in full agreement with Simon Darby on this. It was not a racist comment nor will it ever be. It's common sense and if they want to equate common sense with racism(as they have with everything else) then I'm a racist and proud of it.

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What on earth has the business of a British election got to do with Turkey? Further evidence if it were needed that they don't understand the core principles of democracy and free speech and have no right to be part of Europe. Another potentially massive story.

My sentiments exactly. Further evidence of getting the hell out of Europe.
The thought of Turkey being allowed into Europe is an affront to all Europeans who died fighting the Ottoman's at the Gates of Vienna. If the EU allows Turkey in then welcome to chaos, bloodshed and full on war.
More importantly, Scotland is on its way to Islamisation already. The Marxist in charge of it(SNP) have already allowed Osama Saeed, the man who wants the return of the Caliphate, funding to set up the Scottish Islamic Foundation which is known to have strong connections to Hassan-al-Bannah's Muslim Brotherhood.
I wonder who complained about the leaflets eh?

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Where do I start......

On Simon's comment : "What I am saying is, if I went to Uganda and I went to a Ugandan village and said that the people there were genetic mongrels and that they had no right to their Ugandan identity, I would be picking out spears for days. And rightly so. I wouldn’t say that but if I did, I would be attacked and I would deserve to be attacked. I certainly wouldn’t need a return ticket.”

It is nothing but total and utter disrespect for another person to try and define their Nationality, to how it suits you. That is, if you are a member of a different race/nationality, trying to tell them 'how it is.'

On Nick's comment : "Griffin had himself been defending a BNP election leaflet that said black and Asian Britons "do not exist" and that they were “no more British than an Englishman living in Hong Kong is Chinese.""

Again this is nothing but nitpicking by the MSM, to find anything whatsoever to tag the BNP as racists. It yet again proves the utter ignorance of the society that we're living in.
I've always been a firm believer that we're all God's children and there's one human race, but amongst that race there are many peoples, who have become what they are(physically) by hundreds of thousands of years of evolution within their environment. It's common sense. We all know that melanin is the bodies defence against sunlight and obviously it's why Black people are so(not black but a darker brown than Caucasians). We also know as well that Ginger haired people, suit colder climates and practically die in hot ones.
Had the media truly understood what Griffin was saying then this discussion would never have been raised, but it's yet again another ridiculous attack. Africa is the land of Negroid peoples, SE Asia is the home of the Mongoloid peoples as Australia is the home of the Australoid peoples and so on. It just happens to be that Europe is the home of the Caucasoid peoples. This is what he was not doubt getting at. One thing that people never seem to realise is that no matter how long a person lives in China who maybe black, or white, they will never ever be considered Chinese. They may have integrated into the culture and be fully respected, but they are simply not, nor will they ever be of the Mongoloid race.
Of course Mr Griffin knows that there are blacks, Sikhs and Hindus who have of course integrated, but they are not Britons in the sense of the word. They are British citizens and there is a world of difference.

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Hello James(James(1) perhaps from the DT Blogsphere?)

Thank you for your words as always. I just tell it as I see it.
I felt compelled to write on Simon's blog to show some moral support. I do remember him addressing me in a previous post on the BNP website. Anyway, what really drew me to the Blog was the Dr Sentamu fiasco. Apart from owing Mr Darby the respect due for his work, I was so angered by the attack on Mr Darby for stating what was only correct. Mr Sentamu was totally and utterly out of order. I would never in my life consider going to any other country on this planet and tell the Indigenous 'how it is' regarding their Nationality. The cheek of it all.
I also happened to watch Mr Darby on the BNP "Question Time" video and was rather impressed. I'm a good judge of character and he truly seems to be an honest man, who wants the best for Britain and its people.

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(part 2)

The continued way that you speak about BNP candidates is despicable. I'm not singling you out Iain as your video has shown that you want to 'challenge' them, yet, I would like to ask you this, "Why is it, that a large majority of people who support the BNP are police, members of the armed forces and of course previous armed forces servicemen and women, proud to be British? Are they not a democratically elected party? Do they not have their own manifesto, that is attracting people towards them? Are people not visiting their website, posting on their forum and seeing that they're not a bunch of, racist, knuckle dragging cavemen?"

If the British people choose the BNP are they wrong? Are they any more wrong than those people who have elected Labour(1964-70, 74-79), Conservative(70-74, 79-97)?

The continued demonisation of the BNP IS attracting more and more voters to them as it seems to the people that not only are the Main parties more concerned with keeping BNP out, but also they are against most of their policies, which happen to be the very policies that the British people are wanting.
The Main 3 parties are totally out of touch with the British people and this is why they are losing.
They are not listening to the people. They are more importantly listening only to the ethnic minorities who make up some 10% of the UK population. This is creating anger amongst the British people. We are so angry that we are being ignored by a small elite at Westminster who have signed over our rights and border control to Brussels.

When the main three parties realise why the British people are moving to the BNP will they only be able to address it. They have become so absorbed with cultural Marxism(Political Correctness) and multiculturalism that they have forgotten everything that made this country stand out from the rest of the World. I strongly suggest you or anyone has a watch of this video by Vladimir Bukovsky about the EU - click here

This is what's happening here. Our culture, our society and everything British is being utterly destroyed by communists, masquerading as British/European politicians in different political parties. It is all about the creation of another communist state and the British people are beginning to see just what's going on, thanks to the Internet, as the MSM still shuts out the truth.

May 05, 2009 9:35 PM"

I have also just started my own blog as well which you can find at : <a href="" target="_blank">
I've only written two articles however, I will be writing a lot more.

Hope you are well.

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Good Afternoon. This is the first time I've commented on your blog. I've been to Iain Dale's blog and I've read quite a lot of it of late. I would like to quote what I wrote to him on his video blog about the BNP. I use the name Winston the Smithy:

"Iain Dale,

People in a lot of white working class communities have lost faith in Labour........Iain, people in general have lost faith in British politics full stop. When will someone have the decency to openly admit that there are no politicians effectively listening the Indigenous people of this land?
I am so angry to see this country, I love so much be ripped asunder by every minority group around.
People forget so easily, that the world was rallying around the ANC when apartheid was imposed on the people of South African by the White Government. We are now beginning to see the creation of that here in the UK with total protection and appeasement of minorities and the shunning of the majority white population.

It is the big elephant in the room Iain. No one wants to talk about it. As soon as anyone mentions immigration, Islam, or ethnic minorities, out come the conversation stoppers of "racist, hate speech and Islamaphobia".
Do you not see that the British people are angry at seeing their culture and heritage be destroyed by minorities who have no history whatsoever on this Island?

As a long time Conservative, no longer voting for them as they no longer exist, I am livid to listen to politicians continually warning one another about "the BNP this, the BNP that, they're this, they're that...." when you and other politicians are completely missing the point.
NuLabour have destroyed the UK and merely continued the destruction by Conservative who carried it on from Labour in the 70's.
Let's go back to Thatcher. Apart from privatisation, selling off of Industry and other disasters(not so much as NuLabour I will add) Thatcher, removed corporal punishment in our schools. They were warned that this would lead to a breakdown in respect and discipline and of course, it was further helped along the road with Esther Rantzen's Childline. Look where we are now? All the twits say "We no longer smack children or punish them, as it's wrong" yet instead, we see children as young as ten torturing one another and older youths killing each other as if they were in some Hollywood Blockbuster, or copying some Rap star.

The BNP have had no input whatsoever in the destruction of the UK, it's been done solely by Tory and Labour over a period of 50+ years.

(End of part 1)

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Oh Somalians,

What can I say about Somalians other than they are a blot on any landscape, even in Somalia. What do Somalians do in London?

1. Breed
2. Breed more and breed even more
3. Form large gangs to continue their wars here
4. If they don't end up in prison, they end up as unlicensed mini cab drivers.

What a blot on the landscape they are. I have no love for Somalians. I can stomach Christian Somalians, but Muslim? No way Jose.

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I won't deny what you've said although, part of the plan by the Marxist Left was for the Muslims to breed like wildfire, only the indoctrination of the British public is not complete yet and the Muslims have jumped the starting gun of Labour plans for the UK, its absorption into the EU and the creation of a European super state. They just so not realise that they cannot control Islam. They think they can, yet they seem to forget history, not just Islamic history, but Islamist history in Iran, when they ran the Iranian communists out, even though they helped them overthrow the Shah of Persia.

It's a bad move by Islam. The Islamists are not following orders and are fortunately for us, blowing the smoke away and smashing the mirrors set up by NuLabour.
I look forward to the coming years and the slow roast of Islam, much like the slow roast of a boar that in the past celebrated a victory of Celtic, Anglo Saxon peoples, who in the past drove out their enemies.

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Thank you. I do believe a change is on the cards. This recent 2nd place victory in Leeds, knocking Labour out will not only have NuLabour panicking but also the Tories. They're not that far behind you know.
A BNP council would be a complete nightmare for Islam and they know that. This is why the NuLabour government although it says it's brought in a new "outside the EU" points based entry system is frantically trying to get more and more immigrants in to vote NuLabour, as they know their own ones are leaving them in their droves. What a despicable bunch. I really would like to see every last one of NuLabour swinging from a rope, or at least banished or imprisoned for life.

Islam, really does not understand us. That's what's so amazing. They look at our friendliness and acceptance to live here as a weakness. They think we're weak. If only they knew. Islam is about to become an extinct religion in the UK AND the West.
There will be trouble. There will be violence as they will not give up easily, but what people do not realise, who have never read Islamic history or the trilogy of Islam(Qur'an, Hadith & Sira) is that Islam launches a Jihad on any country that was ever taken under Islam. Even though most Islamic lands now were Christian countries before, Islam will always see them as Islamic and if they're lost, then Islam will continually launch attack after attack until they are won back - hence the problem in Palestine.

If only our government realised that there is not such a thing as peace within Islam. Islam will only ask for peace if it knows that it cannot win. Worse still, the peace it asks for is only temporary, until it can build up its armies again to launch another attack. There is no honour or integrity within Islam and the sooner people realise that Islam will always be incompatible with the west the better for everyone. Move Islam to Islamic land. Even better, move it to Saudi Arabia and take back the lands it took previously under Christian/Zoroastrian/Hindu/Buddhist etc control. If they decide to launch another attack from Saudi Arabia then drop one big bomb on Saudi Arabia, forever removing Islam from this planet.
There will never be any peace in the West with Islam here. There will never be any peace in the World with Islam here. I hate to say it, but Islam is the same as Nazism and look what the West did to that?