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I could see a diesel waiver allowance without much issue. It'd need to be a pretty small diesel, though. Maybe a 1.5 turbo diesel in order to compete with 2 liter NA.

The thing is, if you allow the manufacturers to dictate too much of the rules, they end up controlling the series. You have to find a breakover point where you tell them to pound sand, even if it means they walk away.

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I recognized it from the F1 calendar, but couldn't pinpoint which one it was.

Nice call.

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It's because Renault isn't even remotely connected to the RBR cars, and there's something weird that goes on if you change the name of your powerplant in the middle of a season, or from one season to the next, regarding your prize money.

There was a reason that Sauber was called "BMW Sauber Ferrari" for a season. It's something to do with not being eligible for an entry the following year, and not allowing you to receive your prize money for the current year.

Because Infiniti is just a title sponsor, they can call the team "Infiniti Red Bull Racing Renault" and continue to use their existing entry without applying for a new one.

F1 is weird.

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The 356 was nice, I'm sort of surprised it was a no-sale.

I'd like to have a police car 356 Cab.