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Hi Jim, Parking is available in the lots at Fort Mason for a fee. I believe it's $6-8 for the day. Free spots can be found outside Fort Mason along the Marina Green if you're lucky. More info on public transportation can be found:

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Pleasure to be included with such good company. Great to finally meet you at long last today, Dale. It's going to be a good week

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You bet!

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That's what I'm talking about. Good on ya Drew! Seriously, you and David should both be commended for the job you did with launching Seattle RE barcamp as well as your ongoing support and participation.

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"thinking about how to make the event more meaningful in a real world way, we are still talking about how the name will never work"

I was feeling the same way today after reading that post... and before, after hearing the last podcast after OC. We now have this great new initiative in place and no one is talking about it. Why is that?

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Meditate. It's a lifelong practice worth doing and it takes no time at all. The rewards it yields are far too complex to put into words.

Along the same lines. Take a walk everyday. I know it sounds like some old fart stuff to do, but unplugging - walking - and raising our oxygen level is good stuff too.

Happy New Year, Nick. See ya in 09!