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Those marches are nothing but gay pride parades in disguise.

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When are you Paddies going to join us civilized peoples of the European continent.

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The Maori welcome dance is called a Haka, which is some form of mating dance . We in Northern Ireland are a little more civilized.

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When are these stupid Paddies on both sides going to grow up and act civilized. Both the Orange and Green parades look more like GAY pride parades to us in the rest of the world.

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Maybe its time for these Orange Gay pride marches to end, As a protestant i find the whole thing childish and absurd.

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This is the 21 St Century and you Paddies still march around like Peacocks , just to demonstrate how much you adhere to this Jesus freak.

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These marches by this group of pretty thick paddies is similar to the Gay parades in London. Maybe they trying to attract boyfriends.

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Poor old Paddies ,just can not stop marching,

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Again we see lots of Jesus freaks with a 15th century mentality.
Obviously its going to take the rise of Islam to teach you lot how to respect each other
No wonder the intelligence of the Irish is Questioned.

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The Irish and their religion is an embarrassment to human intelligence. After the riots the papists will go to confession and given hail Marys and the Prod Jesus freaks will be Babbling like demented penguins seeking forgiveness and will be back on the streets the next day. You paddies belong in the looney bin.