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Looks like they're moving into the open more than ever. Disrupting events of rival parties and attacking their members - I wonder who the real Nazis are? enough is enough. At this rate we'll have civil war in less than a decade for certain. The thugs should be prosecuted for attempted murder.

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Damn, got me there. I almost hoped it was true.

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No doubt whites will be blamed, and it's because 'we don't employ enough ethnic minorities' and 'alienate' them or maybe it's because we 'don't have enough youth centres' . I am glad this lefty got attacked anyway, instead of an innocent (they like attacking young white girls particularly). What goes around comes around.

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Corruption of political figures is of course something of a third world trademark - but we mustn't forget there is the same problem with politicians from the western world, although to a lesser extent I guess. Could be worse - they could have put an Imam into the house of lords.

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Simple. Make it so that granting the claims takes far more work then denying it. Don't bother giving them maps to detention centers - just deport them to France or something. I'm sure Sarkozy will appreciate them.

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Nice trick Blears, almost had me thinking that labour was confessing they did something wrong, and would actually LEARN from it. Even i'm not daft enough to fall for that. By the way, can we have that referendum on the EU you promised yet?

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Unless middle eastern countries actively seek to destroy the UK or any of it's close allies, for the most part we should stay out of each others business. What right do we have to pressure Israel into abandoning the safety of it's citizens (like our government does) just to appease fundamentalists who democratically vote in a Jihadist government with the destruction of Israel in it's charter?

Isn't it funny how, whenever there is footage of these 'youths', the first thing you hear is 'Allah hu Akbar'? I guess it's just a fad to shout that now whenever you riot for little to no reason at all.

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Shh. It's a well known 'fact' amongst the political left that only white skinned folk commit crime. Suggesting otherwise is spreading 'hate' and 'damaging community cohesion'. Loot small businesses for peace in Palestine! if BNP members did what the 'peace protesters' did recently, they'd be jailed and attacked by the media mercilessly. One law for them, and another for us.