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Pelosi couldn't even speak the right way when she was trying to lie. I mean Clinton did it, and Nixon did it, but Pelosi was just stumbling and mumbling over her lies about when she heard about so-called "torture"! She is just a another lying politican caught up in her web of lies!! I wonder when this will happen to Obama because he almost came close to blowing his lie over the Air Force One pictures!!! ONLY THE PRESIDENT CAN TELL AIR FORCE ONE TO TAKE OFF!!! Obama and Pelosi are just the same liars just like Slick Billy Clinton and Dick Nixon!!! IMPEACH CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENT!!!!!!!

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Anyone who illegally gets campagin donations should be thanked in private for Hilary!! WHERE ELSE WOULD SHE DO IT?? She cannot lie like her husband can lie!! Did anyone see Pelosi try to lie that other day about CIA briefings, please!!! She was stumbling on her words so bad I thought she was going to pass out!! I mean how nervous did she look???

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One of Obama's staff members must have read a book at one point I guess! Does he truely believe that because he is going to bailout states next which is insanity!!I am from MA and I do not believe in bailing out anyone!! MA has its problems and we need to deal with them as separate states!!!!!