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"I value the dignity of all human beings no mater their size or race or mental state."

Dignity may be defined as "The quality or state of being worthy of esteem or respect."

You don't show someone esteem or respect by ridiculing them or calling them fools.

Twist the truth all you want Jason but anyone who's reading this blog knows that you lied.

In any case I'm through. You can continue your deceptions without me Jason. But don't worry, you'll still have your ego and when all is said and done Jason's ego is the most important thing isn't it?

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"I am very close minded when it comes to God and the revelation of Scripture,..."

But since you can't differentiate doctrine from Deity that doesn't mean much except Jason believes in Jason't ego.

"If I think I'm right about something and the Bible teaches the opposite, then I know I'm wrong and God's Word is true."

Notice that it's got to be YOU who notices that YOU"RE wrong. NO ONE ELSE. Oh, and since you've admitted you can be wrong about your interpretation of scripture then that must include scripture being infallible. It seem you don't KNOW what scripture teaches you merely BELIEVE it.

"That's Christian faith 101."

That's Jason't ego 101.

"Everything you say against the Bible and against God I know is wrong."

You BELIEVE is wrong. If you knew it you could prove it. You can't prove it so you don't know it.

The rest of your post is just you pointing out what Jason the great believes. I'm not interested in your ego worship Jason.

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"It's not irrelevant. It's about choice. "

MY point isn't about choice it's about morality. I know you like to twist the truth Jason but try to comprehend. Just because you trust someone DOES NOT make an evil action good.

Asking someone to attempt murder is an evil action. Attempting murder is an evil action. They are not transformed into good merely because of trust.

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"It's not strange that the Bible mentions other books to quote."

It is if the bible is supposed to be infallible. Why does an infallible book need to quote fallible books? Shouldn't the author be relying on words from God instead of quoting uninspired books.

"Those quotes aren't said to have come from other "Holy Scripture", they're just quotes."

There was no canon of scripture at the time when these were written.

"I've studied them all."

Really? What's your degree Jason? Oh that's right you don't have one. You just mean you read some extracts from a couple of apologists. Isn't that closer to the truth?

"Anyways, All truth is God's truth."

Which is why you should actually study history, philosophy and science. But then that would require real humility since you would have to learn rather than judging all facts by the yardstick of Jason's ego. Sorry Jason but YOU and YOUR interpretation of scripture don't get to decide reality.

"The Bible, however, is the full and perfect Word..."

Because Jason says so and Jason is always right. just ask Jason. Jason will tell you. etc. etc.

Not interested in your ego worship Jason.

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"I don't define God."

Yes you do. Your ego is God to Jason the great. Allow me to demonstrate.

Jason is a moral relativist & so is God according to Jason.

Jason behaves in a hypocritical manner and so does God according to Jason.

Jason says one thing and does another and so does God according to Jason.

Beginning to see some similarities Jason? You've invented a God composed of Jason's ego magnified.

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"You do realize that "genocide" is a man made English word that we define in the context of men murdering men."

Which is why I wrote that God ordered genocide. But keep twisting the truth you little moral relativist you.

"God is above your words and definitions."

Your ego isn't God Jason.

"He can bring judgment on a group of people and kill them all because He is God and they are sinners."

Sin is a deliberate action. Babies cannot sin since they cannot form intent. Yet babies were ordered to be slaughtered. Keep denying and twisting the truth. That's all moral relativists can do.

"That's not genocide to Him... that's a just judgement against sin."

I know you're a moral relativist Jason but I am not. Genocide is genocide. Those who order it are as guilty as those who carry out the order.

"You are not the judge of God ..."

Neither are you yet you have no problem judging God and finding Him innocent even though you can only base such a conclusion on your own opinion. Double standard much?

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"Read John 9:3 - it's perfect example of Jesus explaining why a man was born blind (an evil) and how it was for the glory of God."

AND then Jesus heals the man.

I suppose if you don't know the Bible your not going to know what Christian Theology is suppose to be. Jason. That's why you invent obscene ideas about God.

Keep denying reality Jason. It's all a moral relativist like yourself can do.

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"I can't find a single thing in it untrue."

Two points:
1) You're a moral relativist and so have little to no understanding of truth outside of your own opinions about it.

2) "And for this God shall send them a strong delusion that they should believe a lie". Sounds like you were just sent a strong delusion Jason. "And if the prophet be deceived when he has spoken a thing, I the Lord, have deceived that prophet."

It would seem that you don't look very hard once you've decided something. But then you've been sent a strong delusion. You practice moral relativism, worship your own ego and believe that God is a hypocrite and an inhuman Monster - you just refuse to use those terms.

And you think I've been lied to?

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"Where did you read that?"

I studied history Jason. That includes the history of Christian belief. If you want a source try 'The Oxford History of Christianity' or 'The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy'. Both mention this belief.

You then give YOUR interpretation of the bible. Sorry. Don't care what someone with no training in theology or the original languages says is Jason's interpretation.

I know you think your interpretation of scripture is ALWAYS correct but no one else does.

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"I believe He owns you too."

I suppose that eases your conscience about being a slave. I'm sorry but I don't care what you believe Jason.

"Even if you don't if it the truth you can't make that truth go away."

Correct. Just because you refuse to admit that YOUR conception of God is a murderer, hypocrite and deceiver that doesn't mean it isn't true. I don't believe God is any of those things however. You do, you just think if you change the name of those things then the reality changes too. It does not.