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Problem is they asked for things from UK that they have never asked any other trading partner for, there was no goodwill at all. I was waiting for them to offer a slice of the German motor industry or French vineyards in exchange for our fish - never happened. Instead of a happy trading partner that they could have had they now have a hostile UK on their border. I is a massive failure of statesmanship by the EU.

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David Frost has proved himself a tough cookie, and will be needed to deal with the many ( mostly illegal ) roadblocks that the EU is planning to put in the way of the implementation of the agreed trade deal. The EU will stop at nothing to prove that countries who leave cannot expect to prosper.

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Mainly because EU countries either do not or do not want to understand the trade agreement and are still trying to punish UK. Just like Ursula von de Lying did not understand a simple contract with Astrazenica, or the principle of 'if you place and order 3 months before another buyer and pay up front and don't haggle over the price your order will be delivered before their order. The trade thing will sort itself out soon, but dead EU population cannot be sorted. I guess implementing article 16 of the NI accord ( breaking good Friday agreement ) and cutting off Eire from supplies of food and medicine really reassured the population of Ireland that the EU would be willing to throw them under a bus as part of a hissy fit that should never have happened.

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I have no doubt that every leave voter was committed to leaving the EU, with or without a deal. I also have no doubt that a large minority of remain voters had misgivings about the EU, but were fearful of going into the unknown, they may have become institutionalised into believing the only game in town was the EU. This latest EU shooting yourself in the foot while the whole world watches and shakes their heads as EU leaders doubled down on their bullying behaviour has no doubt convinced some remain voters that they were wrong about the EU. This latest idiotic lashing out by EU should also have gone a long way to rubbishing project fear, widely spread by remainers with crystal balls that obviously need to be re-calibrated.

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So the 52/48 split in US election was a clear majority but in Brexit it wasn't...... just shows how peoples perception changes... Many court cases have absolved leave campaign in UK of any wrongdoing but remain supporters still harp on about it.

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If I was Biden I would never eat food or accept a drink from Harris - what Biden needs is a food taster like the paranoid kings and queens used to have. Biden seems like a beige politician, not wanting to upset anyone - but like any sailor will tell you 'if you are not making waves you are not moving'.....

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Do I detect a supporter of the wee krankie..........

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Politicians are by definition egotists, so clashes are inevitable. People say Sturgeon is teflon coated, but Tony Blair seemed to be Teflon coated as well, often called 'teflon Tony - and once he went he went big, he was deleted from may peoples speed dial. Big problem with teflon is if you apply a bit too much heat the teflon breaks down, leaving exposed surface underneath. I have to say I would pay good money for tickets to this match, couldn't happen to a nicer couple. I assume that because Krankie and slippery Salmond worked so closely together in the past they know each others secrets and habits.... a lot of juicy stuff could come out in this cat fight.

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I didn't miss your point, PR normally throws up unworkable coalitions ( look at countries that have it ) which do nobody any good - most UK people like to vote for their local MP, and PR breaks that link. PR and votes at 14 are tools of the left, they like to catch them young, before they get any sense. The Brexit referendum was PR, if it had been by first past the post constituency level the result would have been far more in favour of Leave ( about 400 to leave and 250 to remain ).

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If you have a problem with democracy go to live in the EU, democracy will never trouble you there.