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As bad news stories continue to pour in from Northern Ireland and Scotland, directly related to Brexit, with no corresponding positives, I wonder if the Union Jack waving Mr Rosindell will reflect on the huge damage he and the 'spartans' have done to the Union.

He cheerfully sold Ulster down the river and handed independence to the SNP on a plate, shameful. That he thinks this is cause for triumphalism is disgraceful.

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Yes, he is clearly a decent, intelligent individual. And the other option available was Trump, presumably you think him fit for office, why?

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A blond, entitled, populist swept to power on a tidal wave of manufactured grievance with a disregard for honesty and truth, wholly unfit for high office.

We can but hope that the UK learns something from this. As for the Brexiteers (Johnson, Gove Rees-Mogg, Farage etc. etc.) who would have sold their soul for a trade deal with Trump, and who were so happy to indulge his every whim, shame, shame on them.

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The lack of leadership from Johnson is appalling but is no great surprise to those of us who have always believed him unfit to be PM. I don't buy that the reasons for constant dithering and u-turns are due to his libertarian instincts. More he is lazy and indecisive and only takes a decision when forced into it. An utterly hopeless prime minister, wholly unsuited to a moment of national crisis. If he had any decency he would go as soon as the pandemic is over, but as we all know, he doesn't.

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This piece would make a lot more sense if it were not for the fact that a government led by Boris Johnson is hardly exempt from ridicule. As per usual it offers no practical advice as to how the Union can be saved.

Brexit was always going to be a disaster for Unionism because Scotland and Northern Ireland were always going to vote against it. Those who laughably said it would strengthen the Union were fools, liars or both. When this threat was pointed out during the campaign it was dismissed as 'project fear'. Now Brexiteers say they never cared in the first place.

When the inevitable happens and Ireland is united it will be the Brexiteers who will be the toast of the Falls Road. It is noticeable that Brexiteers enjoy cos-playing at Unionism, belting out rule Britannia and waving the Union Flag, but in practical terms, they are the worst friends the Union has ever had.

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I am shocked that Dan Hannan has accepted this peerage. Surely he'll be taking to the high seas like the free trading , Buccaneering, Brexiteer that he his. Why on earth isn't he going out to enjoy all the opportunities that Brexit will unleash? He could set a much needed example to the rest of his countrymen and women.

I jest of course. Off one gravy train and straight onto another.

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A typically simplistic piece of 'analysis' from Mr Goodman. The belief that a collapse in the £ will magically offset tariffs with no associated downside is bovine at best. As is characterising the forthcoming clash between Britons as 'anywheres' vs 'somewheres'. The clash will be between England and Scotland, young and old, cities and countryside. The country will be even and ever more divided.

It is incredible that in four years the Brexiteers have utterly and wholly failed to convince a significant proportion of those who voted Remain that Brexit is a good idea.

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When you say it may be 'bumpy' - can you elaborate on what that actually means, and who will feel these bumps?

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All of that sounds infinitely more appealing that the possibility of a no-deal Brexit in three weeks time, during a global pandemic. We are on the verge of inflicting a hammer blow on the UK economy, resulting in people losing their jobs, businesses going under and food prices going up at a time many can ill afford it.

That the best retort you can come up with (and lets set aside fairy stories about Nicola Sturgeon giving vote leave another bite at the cherry) is some counterfactual fantasy speaks volumes.

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If a no-deal Brexit causes no disruption to trade, results in the UK outperforming the EU in the short term, medium and long term and causes no inconvenience to British tourists and business, then it will be seen as a success by all. Only a fool would believe that this is the likely outcome.

This will be hard for Brexiteers to believe but many remain voters would dearly love to be proven wrong. The consequence of Brexit going wrong means for all of us, less prosperity, less opportunities and very probably the end of the UK - the country that we love. I wish I had more optimism in how things will turn out but I have no good reason to feel positive.