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The low-information viewer, or one who is steeped in leftism, sees "Capitalism" in the Capitol, and the 99% as the inhabitants of the Districts. They don't see the government as the oppressor even though the Capitol is the seat of government and the government troops sent to each District are given totalitarian powers over the serfs.

I always ask my well-meaning but dim liberal friends: If this is capitalism, where are the coal miner's paychecks? Why does Katniss have to trade the meat she hunts in the black market? Do capitalists build fences to keep their employees in and kill them if they don't work, or does that sound more like communism to you? In the end, the young people who love this book series and film will absorb the right lessons about liberty, tyranny, and the right to fight for your freedom.

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The villains in the movie are jihadists and drug cartel members. One character is a smuggler and he is Jewish, and he's portrayed as a weakling who got pulled into the jihadist smuggling operation because he was schoolboy friends with the man who's now a crazed jihadist. I found it very interesting and true-to-life. No anti-Semitism, and no conspiracy. Just a great movie.

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Thanks for your comments, and ignore the troll. I find that watching Lilyhammer makes me want to visit Norway and enjoy the beautiful countryside and very nice people. There's a genuine kindness to Norwegians and this shines in the show. My husband, who went to school with an entire group of Norwegian exchange students, says they're the nicest kids ever. Plus they party like rock stars. So Skoal!

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We watched two episodes of "Lilyhammer" last night and tonight we'll be back for more. Hilarious, well written, well acted, and just plain fun.

Thank you so much for suggesting it!

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I now give you a special treat: You will go to the library, or Amazon, and purchase or borrow "Double Star" by the incomparable Robert A Heinlein. Here's a teaser: Someone asks a political operative why he's in politics. His reply? "Everything else is kindergarden games."

Once you've read Double Star the conclusion of Limitless will make sense to you. Enjoy!

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I'm surprised you didn't like "Limitless," John. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the ending was upbeat and surprising and wonderful. Perhaps you've been Bradley Coopered-out? If you are annoyed by the actor you wouldn't like the ending. I liked it, in fact I laughed out loud in joy and pumped my fist and our family all high-fived each other.

Also, let's be frank. This is the best drug ever. As in Heinlein's story "Gulf," it defines the one real difference between a Superman and an ordinary man. If given a chance at a superpower, this would be the one I would choose.

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Wow, what a great summation of "Dead Poets Society." I thought I would give it another try while I was reading your review because I didn't see the themes you wrote about in the film at all. Instead, I found the film pretentious and ridiculous and harmful. Then I read your last three sentences. Heh. Well done, sir, well done.

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We're thrilled with the new Sherlock Holmes. Perfectly updated to a modern world and with energetic young leads, it's captured our teen children's attention as well as ours. We watched the shows together and they love it as much as we do.

Here's the most totally awesome part. The scripts follow Arthur Conan Doyle's original stories. There's great plot twists, gun battles, and no nonsense masculinity. No political correctness. No socialist moralizing. No liberal tell! You'll love this series. Catch it while it's hot and the liberals haven't yet destroyed it.

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The reason this little news story is so important is because of optics. The "I can see Russia from my house" remark (actually a lie) and the "$100,000 wardrobe" (also a lie) of Sarah Palin's campaign were stories that resonated with the voters. The impression these stories left was one that Palin found impossible to overcome.

This story resonates the same way. You have vials of blood, a creepy decor complete with Hollywood actors cavorting around in disturbing costumes, and all this going on behind the scenes while the published accounts were all about the oh-so-innocent military family party going on earlier in the day.

The White House is going to try to bury this story deeply. Let's not let them.

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My teenage Facebook friends have been all over "Hugo" the last few days. They're telling each other what a waste of time it was and they wished they had their two hours of life back. My mom Facebook friends have been warning other moms that "War Horse" is frightening and horrific to children and they should avoid it.

Social media is unbelievably powerful.