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I wasn't trashing you, or anyone else here, friend.

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Meat - you did know that I was ridiculing the fact that my comments are actually transferred. I don't consider them newsworthy buddy.

Where are Swiggs' comments on here?

As for me being "blind" or predictable - whenever you want to talk baseball with me, or actually, you know, tell me why I'm wrong, I'm all for it. Or, just continue tossin' generic swipes at me for my opinions...doesn't bother me at all. Come to think of it, maybe your approach is more like Swiggle Wiggle's than ya think ,)

Couldn't be anymore amused with this little rambunctious fellowship of all things anti-Baker.

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I've got 6 under my belt - hoping Doc grants me a 7th, so CP has plenty of ammo for that day on this site :).

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LOL. Wow. Totally forgot about this place. Went Googling for a TML I wrote a month or so ago, and what do ya know, up pops this site. Glad it's still going strong.

What's even more amusing is that my comments made on the real venue are copied, pasted, and passed off here, as if they were newsworthy. Let's talk about what dastardly things Young Boehner will say about Baker this time around...haha.

Thanks fellas. Keep reading, CP.

Oh, BtWoSu - before Bomber's time, bro. Hope that helps.

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He acted like an adult, right before he hoisted his pants to reveal Superman socks. Define adult?

I wouldn't consider my tone cavalier. I'm not proud of anything other than XU beating the crap out of UC on the scoreboard. I think we're being a little dramatic though. Someone getting shot at a Xavier basketball event? One punch thrown by a UC student and now Cintas Center is Harlem?

If trash talking is to blame for all of this, then this discussion would have started years ago, not Saturday. Talk is cheap. Means nothing. Dropping 17 points and winning by 23 after being told you wouldn't even start for that team means something. Punching someone in the face while they aren't looking and then stomping them means something. But talk? Talk and a dollar will you get a cup of coffee off McDonald's dollar menu.

The only reason things got "ugly" is because one UC player couldn't handle losing and the talk from Tu Holloway, who was being a sore winner. That's it. Yancy doesn't swing, we're talking about Tebow and Carson Palmer throwing four picks right now.

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Think of the hypocrisy though in your statement. It's ok, within the rules of organized sport, to portray the murder and burying of an opponent. But after a fight, and emotions are running at an all time high, then it's embarrassing?

I respect your opinion. But I do disagree. We can't keep making our own moral boundaries. If insinuating your opponent's demise is bad, it's bad. Not just whenever you choose it to be bad, imo.

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I do not want the game suspended because Yancy Gates won't be there next year.

I was at UC last year. I had court seats. I was subjected to horrible things being said. I watched my Muskies take a 20 point ass kicking, without incident. Please tell me if you thought there was no taunting going on from UC. I didn't care at all.

The game can continue. Gates has been uncontrollable since his days at Withrow. I watched him play St. X and cost his team the game with a technical foul after the whistle that led to St. X's winning FTs. The kid has been in a out of suspension several times. That doesn't mean it's UC. It's Yancy. XU recruited him too. I never wanted him. His punch set this in motion. If this were merely trash talk and shoving, this would have happened years ago.

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Justin Smith hammering nails into a coffin is precisely the message that Tu was insinuating. Coffin=body bag. Wonder what Smith would have said if he had a mic at the time.

And let's take off our Reds glasses here folks. BP made those comments, tapped Yadier's shin, then tapped him again after he shook the initial tap off. That doesn't scream instigation to you? Look, I love BP. I'm glad someone finally told that team off. But I'm not a hypocrite. I don't then feel ashamed after Tu Holloway and Mark do the same sh*t. The only thing I care about is that someone was actually physically hurt. The rest is meaningless, it really is. Kellen Winslow once referred to himself as a solider at war, while playing football. Right. Just kids talking. Who cares.

But socking a kid not even looking at you? Stomping him? Dez Wells flying into a corner swinging fists uncontrollably? That is why this is even an issue. I wanted Dez suspended longer. My only hope was that despite whatever happens, no Muskie throws a punch. Could. not. care. less. about any words said.

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You're exactly right. Fighting. To me, fighting entails swinging fists. Dez Wells should be disciplined accordingly, since he let his fly. Yancy Gates should be off the team for actually connecting and knocking someone out. Mick Cronin thought so too, until his AD reminded him that UC basketball needs wins more than it does moral credence.

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There's a lot of difference between hammering nails into a coffin and zipping a body bag up? Please, elaborate.