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JAKIM will not dare to debate Eric Paulsen because they know they have been promoting extremism. I hope they will debate Eric on national TV so that they stupidity can be exposed to the nation.

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You are giving too much consideration to Jakim and Islam. We need to get back to the core. let's debate which direction the country is heading? How the country is managed and why are we sinking further away from other nations in terms of wealth creation as well as cost and standard of living.

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Just go and enjoy your life. Don't worry about JAWI or the rest. Life is too short. Actions by Islamic authorities here is no different than the talibans and isis fanatics. This country must not come to that.

Let the individual Muslim decide on how they want to practice the religion of islam.

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It is hard to be a malay girl living in the country. It is like living in a glass house where all the jakim fellows keep an eye on you.

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Look at the USA, diversity is their strength. USA is the world's melting pot. The best and the brightest wants to be there. They are the most creative nation on earth.

We have to stop cheating ourselves. We have been messing about our education system for way too long.

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Najib is allowing extremism to creep into government so rogue agencies like JAKIM thinks they reign supreme. They are GOD, anything they say cannot be challenge or the kow towing IGP will take action on barking orders.

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I guess Najib Razak did not learn anything from his father. Pitiful that he did not learn from such a capable role model otherwise his prime minister ship would be soectacular. Alas, all we have is just hope that is diminishing as time passes.

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I believe what happened in Paris can happen here because of the government emphasis on extremism by suggesting that islam and Malay are under threat to maintain power.

The moderation of the government is gone. Extremism here are breed from within and not from Isis. Isis is just the fire that will lit the extremism cultivated here.

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Ini macam tak boleh lah!

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I guess if your surname is Mahathir, it is no longer what it used to be. I think the government apparatus is going too far to the point of denying the daughter to Mahathir from delivering a speech at a public campus.

What kind of message is Najib trying to send to Mahathir?