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Somebody is sure to ask Punk for his autograph so they can sell it on Ebay.

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More like Mist'R Tapa.

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If ever there was a time NOT to use the generic light rock theme for a tribute video, it would be here. You should respect the man's character he put so much energy into and use a dark funeral dirge for his tribute. It would've been more fitting.

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Oh I get that, ramm. And that's my point. If he were Truly loyal, and it wasn't about grabbing that next brass ring, he would've stayed in ECW and help build it. Alot of the guys who left for WCW and WWE would've. He would've stayed with WCW even as a mid-carder until they pushed him. That's REAL loyalty. Where you stay true to the person or people you're with, even if there's somewhere else you can go that would benefit you more personally, but hurt the people you left. For example, let's say you have a wife or girlfriend. She bumps into Johnny Depp. She leaves because she wants to make a move up to the rich, handsome and famous movie star. Would you look at it as: "Well, I'm just ECW to his WWE, so, I understand why she made the jump." Hell No. She'd be a disloyal, two-timing, slut.

Jericho made the jump to where there was more money and more fame. He's with the "Johnny Depp" of the wrestling world, so OF COURSE, he's going to stay loyal. But believe me, if TNA ever grew to the size of where they were eclipsing the WWE, and could pay him more money with a larger audience, he'd bounce to them just like he bounced to ECW and then WCW and then the WWE. And I don't fault him for that. I would do the same thing. But talk of loyalty is easy when it's not hard to be loyal. True loyalty is only found when it's more convenient to leave than it is to stay.

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Even though he worked for like 3 other companies before the WWE? WCW, ECW, and CMLL?

I bet had WCW won the MNW, he'd be saying he always wants to work for Eric Bischoff and he's a WCW guy for life.

It's easy to be loyal to the biggest dog in the yard with the most money to put in your pocket. Might be a different story if TNA was actually a competent player on par with the WWE. Not saying I don't love Jericho, he's one of my all-time favorites. But human nature is human nature.

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You miss my point. It's not where they were that's the issue, it's where they could be, that's the issue. Langston could be a beast in the Shield, or even on his own doing his FIVE gimmick. AJ had the opportunity to go back to being the unhinged loon she was after relinquishing her role as GM. Instead of those opportunities, they are attached to the sinking ship that is Ziggler.

And honestly, there is no "trend" of MITB winners looking like crap, there was only Daniel Bryan before Dolph. And we all know it's because the machine doesn't believe in DB as a main-eventer. Which is why he was beaten in 18 seconds by a guy like Sheamus. That speaks volumes as to why Ziggler is being done the same way. The company probably doesn't believe in him as a top guy.

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Good riddance. Now, get rid of the rest of the Hollywood rats and give the reigns to Paul Heyman.

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Ziggles must have pissed off the wrong guy backstage. Only explanation for going from becoming MITB and beating John Cena to keep it, to getting jobbed out to Miz. I just feel sorry for Langston an AJ. They're being drug down with him.

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Well, you know what I mean. Can he act in movies? Guys like HHH and Austin are great actors in wrestling, but suck horribly in films.