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Why didn't WAMU get Tarp or Bernanke's secret money that helped the so called "stable banks" to stay afloat? These Banks, while bragging that they were "strong and solvent, were in reality in very precarious positions.

Why was the FDIC Insurance levels raised to 250k days after WAMU failed? This would have helped the Bank a lot.

Lets face it the fix was in on Wall Street and with the help of several key Federal employees in high positions who were former Wall Street Bankers, and guess what, "you know who" got the Bank he wanted, no matter if it was legal or not.

J.P. Morgan then, took the assets and dumped almost all White collar employees, and did a quick chain sawing on WAMU, and the Seattle Real Estate Market has yet to recover. Good, devoted employees discarded like a used up tissue.

I have to laugh.. while Seattle overwhelming voted for Obama, (well he could write a good book, but really had no credentials), well he is letting his buddies on Wall Street get a free ride for their crimes. None of them have or will be prosecuted by the Fed Attorney General under this President. Yeah, gotta love the super liberals. And what did Washington's Senators do about this..WAMU being taken over? Nothing.

Hopefully, this book has so more chapters to be written. I wish someone would face some Prison for this. The crimes committed were heinous.

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The homeowner died in the Hospital.

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Find out who did the shooting and execute them! End of Gangs. Society is too permissive and it takes to long for criminals to get "justice."

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I had a MRSA staph infection last Winter. I caught it in a health club steam room, probably nicking the skin of my calf on the grout in the steam room. I had to push the surgeons to lance the boil, as I had visited the emergency room several times, and even though it was huge, they said it was not "ripe." The last visit I had a slight fever, and was having difficulty walking, and the cyst was huge and dark purple. It was here that I asserted myself and insisted they lance it. They did, and all agreed it was definitely the right thing to do. I was taking several antibiotics, but this would not have healed till the lanced and drained the cyst. We had to dress the wound for over 3 weeks as they will not stitch an infected wound. A very painful and unpleasant task. Twice daily.

We thought it was at first a spider bite, but later, the surgeons told me that many of these infections are improperly diagnosed as spider bites.

Cat scratches can get infected, and is more common than you might think.

MRSA and other drug resistant strains are a problem due to antibiotics being too liberally prescribed to patients, and not finishing them per the instructions. Antibiotics for viral infections like a cold, are a waste.

If you want to monitor an infected area, outline it with a marker and see if in time the inflamed area gets larger.

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Dareth we ask what race they were? It appears the "news" article has been scrubbed head to toe.

And yes, it does matter.

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You people would deny this man some profit, when much greater mischief is being done by the major banks in the country? NY attorney general Cumo reported that 9 banks that recieved TARP money paid out more in executive bonuses than they earned in Net Income? These "executives" almost brought the country to its knees with their stupidity. Where is the outrage? As it pertains to the man buying air conditioners.. we all knew this weather was coming.. its your fault for not buying an air conditioner before the demand was up... does not compare to Katrina. A few years ago we had a heat wave in July, they forecast it, so prior I went to Lowes and bought a window AC unit, thinking, if I don't use it I will return it.. guess what? I used it, and all the stores ran out. Same thing for Hurricanes, they forecast one was in the area, when I lived in Florida, I went bought plywood, screws etc. Guess what the Hurricane came and I was ready, the stores ran out.. Your lack of planning doth not.. You are all whiney weasles..

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I thought I watched a special on a civil war there awhile back.. the different factions were cutting the hearts out of men, right on the streets! Soo when there are phrases above "different culture," you have no idea. They are animals.

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Does he deserve the death penalty, or, does he get the rest of his life in prison, while the taxpayers "foot the bill?"

Does he deserve to live?

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Yes this award is for all the american jobs he has eliminated for instead, upper caste Hindus. A lot of americans laid off in pretty bad situations financially, instead we see companies continuing to bring them in by the "rice bag full." Its very wrong.

I thought Obama was going to put a stop to this.

I treat these people with the contempt they deserve, job thieves. Unions I believe are our only hope. I would love to see some radical groups forming to deal with this ourselves.

So.. all of you that are unemployed, when you are in Redmond, Bellevue, and you see an Indian.. they have your job. How do you feel about that?

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Its a dirty business and is undercutting american's ability to buy products from these same companies that outsource. Its a form of treason, selling out the american worker to make a buck, for a few rich shareholders.