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Sorry but a bit off topic. My home town. Completely different now :(

Unbelievable - well maybe not.

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How dare this quango deny us British people the right to call ourselves indigenous and squash democracy!!!!

Voting BNP now - former Labour voter (sometime ago now)

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Me and a few friends went to High Wycombe in the late nineties when we were teenagers. We went for a walk and saw the old Hellfire Club mansion (cannot remember the history behind it now). We got lost and ended up walking into the outskirts of High Wycombe. It shocked us. We were both from London and were used to seeing immigration on this scale in the inner city, but what we saw was unbelievable. There mosques everywhere and asian women staring at us as if we were the foreigners. It was actually intimidating. Mosques and the sort in what was suppose to be picturesque countryside settings.

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Hello there. Has anyone seen the amount of people who are joining up to the right of this page. Before it used to be every couple of hours. Now it is literally every ouple of minutes.

People seem to speak openly about their support for the BNP since QT. Infact since then I have spoken to a fair number of people about QT and the fact that they now will vote BNP.

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I was reading that yet another mosque is under development. It is no surprise that it is being built in Oldham.

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Considering the recent BNP successes in the European Elections and the obvious standing they now have in politics, can the BNP not fight to have the rules changed regarding police membership? Surly you can force the European Parliment to overturn this conviction and bar any future policy regarding membership from other areas like the teaching sector et al?

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Slightly off subject here but I have just watched Crimewatch and started to think it should be called Immigrant watch. The ratio of natives compared to immigrants who commited crime were horrendous. Only 2 I think on the most wanted are native!!! The rapes and continued pervert nicknamed the 'Calender Killer' in London is foreign. This is mad. Thanks to successive governments and their open door policies.
Let the political war begin!

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Checked on Alexa and this site is # 813 United Kingdom and
33000 in world.

Well done!!!

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Following the recent Euro elections, a conversation cropped up at work the other day regarding said elections. To mine and everyones 'surprise' , a few people voted for you and those that abstained from voting agreed with your results. Thought I would share this as I didn't expect it.

Something different. We at work have gone through a round of redundencies and seeing the current employment climate it made me angry what a couple of indian guys (work in IT) told me recently. One has a wife who has just got their visa to work and another 3 have wives, sisters, and friends who are too. Now call me mad but as a few people I know and given the employment rate, this seems totally ilogical that jobs are still given away via visas. I have checked the jobs market and there are hardly any in the North-West in IT. Why do we have to compete?????????

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Never been a supporter but you have my full support now guys and girls!