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Tom Ryan playing the martyr surrounding the Liam Miller issue. The man has no shame.
Is Tom Ryan giving his free time to the GAA, or is he paid? Just wondering how he feel about the amateur status of the rules and standards; given his great concern about the matter (and price increases on the way).

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“To say that it is quicker to travel from North Cork, Limerick and Tipp to Dublin is simply not true.”
And who said otherwise?
You do know “isn’t much different” is not the same as “quicker”?

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The Cork GAA had to yield to huge public pressure to allow a foreign sport in as part of a charity match. So not sure why you have faith they’d listen to this. Clearly you don’t know the fraternity in the GAA nor the Irish Rugby.

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I don’t agree with him. They’d earn more from the Avivia than PUC. For Liam Miller the stadium was provided for free, that is very unlikely in this case as the GAA may want a significant cut. The IRFU have the Avivia and all its corporate offerings, and the know it’d sell out.
Easy for Donal to spout from the sidelines, but he hasn’t provided a single figure in his analysis.
This isn’t a new debate either; and it’s always made more financial sense to play in Thomand even.
Distance wise, getting from Limerick/Tipp/Waterford/NorthCork to Cork isn’t much different to Dublin. It’d be easier for Kerry and obviously for Cork City and it’s busineses (which is a pro for a Corkman like Lenihan - why else would a rugby match include his concerns for PUC).
More figures Donal to backup your argument.

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If Joe’s No1 is turnovers, then you want Beirne.

Sorry, you’re on your own on this. Everyone else, including Joe, has him in the squad; recognizing the ability and form he has. No one else has the issues you do. He’s a 2nd rower that’s doing well in the scrum, lineout, carrying, tackling, rucking, turnovers ......

BTW, a 6 that can’t break tackles or tackle or ruck, isn’t not an excellent 6.

He’s had an excellent season to date, but it’s next man up, and hopefully we win regardless.

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Not skating you, but I don’t know what your point is. The Munster scrum was dominant, so no 2nd row issues. He’s affective as a 2nd rower, forcing turnovers as well; that’s a plus, not a negative.

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You imagine a lot of things. Just stay in your imaginary World.

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You’re missing his point. Large developments like this tend to go over budget in just about every country. It’s nothing unique to Ireland.
Just look at Spurs new stadium, OVER budget, and OVER opening time.

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Too late now. It was a clear red at the time, but Barnes is a terrible ref. Refs in general have been appallingly inconsistent with their rulings in these situations.
And this isn’t to excuse Munster losing, you can’t blame the ref after the amount of mistakes they made. But Rolland needs to get his house in order; refs need to be held accountable, and in Barnes cases, he should be removed from this level (his inconsistency is his only consistent).

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Curb your premature celebrations, yet you’re already claiming the finish above Liverpool trophy.
No wonder ye can’t win anything.