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I hadn't read the whole book, I was going to finish it...but then I was like, let's just let the movie do it's thing and see how I feel.
I was really with this movie for the first 2/3rds of it. I felt the tone was pretty spot on and although there were a few things I wasn't a 100% behind, overall, it was probably one of the best superhero movies ever made...but, then the last third...It became muddled. And more importantly, it became more like a generic superhero movie. But, I guess most importantly, I stopped caring about what was going on. Whereas, midway through, I was really invested. ESPECIALLY in Dr. Manhattan's story. I mean, that thing got me emotional. I could be a sap, but I found the handling of his origin and him leaving for mars to be really well done. If I could have sustained that level of involvement in the film to the end, I would be declaring this the best super hero movie ever made.

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Fincher needs to get over himself. The more I read about him, the more he comes off as a pretentious, confrontational, douche bag. I love Fight Club and all, but dude, you aren't God.

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Thanks for the link, Dave! This is pretty awesome.
Also if any of you want to see some more Sundance shorts, check out my weekly show: We just interviewed two filmmakers this week and we'll be talking with one of the filmmakers featured on Itunes (Countertransference) next week. She's also going to send us some video from Sundance.