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Oh shoot. Well I saved mine so I look forward to the new post and I'll re-post it.

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---------EQD Moderator/Reviewer Interaction---------

And you know what? That brings up another point when it comes to content. I’ve seen EQD evolve a lot over the years, but I really do enjoy seeing the personal touches applied by the moderators and reviewers of the site. Every now and then, when you guys post something you personally care about it and mention how much it matters to you, I like seeing that. Seth started it with the Trixie focus. And I just like to see when you guys cross-interact with each other. In the past, I think Calpain or someone made a joke about Seth in a post and then a hawk-eyed EQD reader could see that Seth made a tiny response at the very bottom of the main header of the post. Also I LOVED seeing Seth write the original “Magic Duel” episode review, because I was just waiting to see what he thought of it. As readers, we really do care about not just content creators, but content moderators and reviewers too. Humans are highly relationship-focused, and when we see you guys interacting with each other on the site, it’s fun to see. Maybe there could be some way to allow for quick moderator responses at the bottom of posts. Like say ABagofVicodin makes a post with a bat header and makes some comment about how obviously no one else likes bat ponies. And then Seth responds in tiny text at the bottom later with something relating to that effect. It would reward EQD readers who enjoy seeing you guys connect with one another and makes people keep coming back to see the responses on the daily post by the end of the day. I think if you guys show that unity with one another, the EQD readers will be inspired to do the same. Of course this is just a suggestion that can’t be forced. I’m just saying if you guys cross-respond to each other, I think it’d be fun to watch. : P

---------Unique Opportunities for EQD Readers to Contribute---------

I know we already have the wealth of content-style contributions we can make as EQD readers (Fan fiction, art, videos, music and so on).

But if there some way we can help the site specifically? Like what are you lacking right now that could use more help? Is there a type of content EQD had to stop showing because it was too difficult to keep track of with your current level of moderation?

…Hmm…I wish there was some way to gamify this, so fans could be really psyched about helping EQD…

---------Hiatus-Mode for EQD---------

I think it’s important for all of us to realize that EQD isn’t going to receive the same amount of attention during a hiatus when compared to whenever the show is airing new episodes.

I’m wondering if maybe a slightly different approach can be taken to EQD during this time period. Think about it: we have a group of people who don’t do pony much (if at any) during a hiatus, but then we have the super-dedicated bunch who keep coming back. That dedicated group is still on EQD during this time. If we could find ways to strengthen the unity of that core group, they can keep up the enthusiasm during the hiatus and share it with others who need a little motivation to keep up the pony during the break.

Maybe more scheduled events that cater to large groups getting together and mingling, like podcasts, competitions, collaborations, and live streamed events both digital and on-site meetups or such.

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(continued from previous comment)

---------Fan Fiction---------

•---Do you prefer heavy curation of fanfiction? Or do you want some compilations of lower quality fics up quickly to separate things?

I don’t get a lot of time to read fanfiction as opposed to other pony media, but I’ll tell you my experience. There have been a few times in the past I’ve submitted fan fics to EQD, but it’s been years. I don’t know if this has been addressed, but I sent one comedy story in, got a good response but told to change some things, so I did, waited a few months and resubmitted only to have a completely different pre-reader decimate it. Confused me to think that I could change a work and have it denied cause a different pre-reader didn’t know I already changed it due to the suggestion of another pre-reader. I don’t know if this has been addressed, but it seems the pre-readers are/were overwhelmed with a large amount of stuff. I wouldn’t say let “lower” quality work in. I would say let work in that’s “unique,” even if it may not be up to literary par with the best of the best. Encourage variety so that aspiring writers will see that unique takes on old tropes are valued, thus encouraging more experimentation within the literary side of the fandom. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been put-off by the same story types featured again and again when I’ve tried to submit my work elsewhere, so I think EQD can stand above the rest with fanfiction that’s featured because it’s fantastic in all major aspects and then fanfiction that’s featured because, although not stellar, presents a unique take on things.

•---Do you think any specific genre isn't getting enough love?

I can’t recall enough fanfiction genre tags to tell you. :/ I guess if you aren’t already doing it, then just make sure you focus a little on uplifting/inspirational stories. Inspire the fandom, as it were.

•---How can we make these posts better for you?

Hmm…this is a tough one. Well let me tell you this: We have two major sources of creative content throughout the fandom when it comes to quantity. We have a ton of visual art and a ton of fanfiction. Now I think it would behoove everyone if we found unique and creative ways to utilize these resources. Fan fiction writers and visual artists can be encouraged to collaborate more with musicians, audio book readers, live action dramatists, comic creators, podcast hosts, cosplayers and whoever else in order to create new types of collaborations. I know EQD has hosted a writer/artist collab event before, but perhaps we can go a little further. Gotta brainstorm this out a bit more.


•---Should we heavily cover Them's Fightin' Herds? (At the moment, we grab it when there isn't anything to post)

This should be a high priority, to encourage the offshoots of MLP into other creations that the fans can call their own. Them’s Fightin’ Herds is proof that fan content can take on a life of its own and be nurtured by the fanbase to become something amazing. I would say at the very least, please keep including Them’s Fightin’ Herds art in the drawfriend.

•---What type of custom EQD stuff (editorials, interviews, etc) do you want to see more of?

Guest editorials? You did this a while back. But have a guest writer every now and then focus on some new type of content that doesn’t come out often, but is definitely worth focusing on. Example would be pony merchandise reviews.

•---What type of new posts would you like to see?

Live action pony videos that are of significant quality. Remember when I said we should combine content? We have cosplayers, writers, actors, filmmakers and video creators. They could make some really great things if they worked together. Even if they’re cheesy. Even if we’re talking little short vids of live action cosplayers performing a single scene or joke. Let’s encourage the fandom to take their skills to the next level and try film!

•---Is Trixie the best?

There are many days where Trixie is indeed the best. I honestly love seeing Seth go Trix-crazy in the random Trix-centric posts.

(continued in third and final comment)

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Finally a chance to lend my years of brony expertise to help EQD out.

I’ve been a brony since March 2011, so I’ve seen EQD go through a host of its changes in that timeframe. I can answer every one of these questions.


•---What made you stop checking out music posts?

I rarely ever check the music posts anymore. I honestly think it was just my taste in music. I love electronica, but I saw a lot of that and it didn’t call out to me the way that musical COMPILATIONS did. I like samplings of music altogether.

•---Are you more likely to view a music post if it has a name you recognize? Do you check the other music bundled with it?

I don’t look for name recognition on music posts. I look for a style of music that interests me. : )

•---What would make these posts better?

I like the Top 10 Brony Videos of the Month posts. Maybe there could be a Music Compilation Video too with music samples? Unless this has already happened and I missed it : P


•---What made you stop checking these posts?

I would occasionally see PMV’s on EQD when I started with the fandom in March 2011. But as I’ve mentioned before, I like PMV compilations. With ponies, I like to devote a chunk of time to them, rather than see a video, explore some more videos, see another video, explore some more, and on and on.

•---Do you prefer the "newer" motion graphics/effects scene, or are you more of a classic scenes and ponies type?

I don’t mind either type, as long as it’s clever and well-done. : )

•---How could we make these posts more interesting?

Maybe get the people submitting the PMV’s to provide a one-sentence summary of their work (similar to fanfictions) so that you can have those content-creator summaries in the post next to their work. Gives the fans an idea of what they’re in for straight from the horse’s mouth.

---Is the quality in Drawfriend posts still good enough?

The drawfriend quality has been PHENOMENAL. I don’t think you need to worry about this aspect. Visual art is so plentiful in the fandom (or most fandoms really) that this doesn’t seem like top priority to change.

•---Have "Saucy" images turned you away from them?

I’m not bothered by the saucy images as long as they’re hidden in a link. I can see why some people are, though, trying to create a safe space for younger bronies and pegasisters.

•---Do you like seeing good quality OC ponies in them?

I LOVE seeing good quality OC ponies! They’re always a treat! And I know for artists this can be a super big boost to encourage them. Keep it up!

•---Does anthro bug you in drawfriend?

I love seeing anthro art and I really don’t understand why some people are still shy to it. I mean, EQD has canon anthro designs. I think you should show more anthro art.

•---What about humanized ponies?

I love seeing humanized ponies too. That’s the wonderful thing about MLP. You have at least 3 types of design per pony (That are canon, too!) (1) Pony form (2) Anthro form (3) Human form. I’d love to see more humanized ponies in the drawfriends.


•---Do you follow the updates on EQD?

EQD is where I go for my comics fix! I love seeing the comics posts! I usually see them crossposted on tumblr too.

•---What do you think of lower quality art but funny jokes?

As long as the joke is good. In fact, sometimes the lower quality art makes the joke funnier.

•---Does good art make up for bad humor?

Sometimes. Depends. I prioritize good jokes/writing over good art.

•---What do you think of comics that don't have any joke, but instead go for some feels or just tell a story?

I LOVE those comics. Because you aren’t expecting them since most of the other comics are comedic. Keep putting the emotional stories in there. They’re always welcome. : ) (Note: One of my favorite comics is how pinkie pie got her cutie mark taking care of a mare with cancer. I have fond memories of that comic and it was a very early one I saw on EQD. That positive memory is possible because you guys posted it)

(continued in next comment)

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Name a moment in a video game that broke your heart. < /3

I don't care about spoilers, so talk away!

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Okay imma get these toys

And then make sweet mini live action animations/videos with them

I'm thinking any one of the folllowing

Blade Runner
Mad Max

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Nevermind about the music. I found out from another commentor that's it from Brian Eno

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*Listens* that music on this page?

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(Little Girl on Commercial) "It's Applebucking time." *Shakes tree gently*


I thought she was gonna Super Saiyan kick that tree but whatev