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They need to job him out to The Big Dog if true

Thumbs down if you agree, thumbs up if you don't

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Ambrose got off fairly lightly in that beatdown compared to what happened to Rollins and Reigns

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Always thought the best chance to do that match when it would have been amazing was WM19. There was still plenty of chance to do Jericho-HBK and we'd already seen Rock-Austin

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Out of interest, why do you refer to AJ v Katilyn as the finest match since Trish and Mickie at WM22, but then rate Trish and Lita from Unforgiven above it. which occurred a few months later than Trish and Mickie?

Haven't watch Katylin and AJ in a while (remember that entire PPV, other than the main event, being great) and thought that might have been the best womens match the company have ever done at the time- obviously that won't be the case now, but I'd be surprised if I don't think it's a lot better than Bliss v Jax from WM

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Naomi has gone from strength to strength since winning The Stephanie McMahon Inspirational Invitational Battle Royal at Wrestlemania.

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Yep agreed. Just listening to your podcast now.

On the Lynch thing I too think it's crazy how Becky fans are so vehemently against "the turn". She has become a significantly bigger deal in the process. Seems like a lot of manufactured rage to me. Also it gives her something new to do. She seemed to be becoming very formulaic as a performer to me. She had a recent winning run, but all the matches was the same (i.e forgettable) .

Had it been the other way round, and Becky would have won the belt then Charlotte would have done the turn, it would be quite apparent that she is just keeping the belt warm for Charlotte. Now it seems to me Becky will end up getting the title and Charlotte will likely head to Raw in Wrestlemania season for the mooted Rousey bout. Furthermore, if Charlotte was a heel I think that come that WM match, the fans would probably be behind her and not Ronda at WM- getting the Reigns reaction for Charlotte may not necessarily be accidental

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Agreed with all of this.

Looking at another outside WWE example Game Of Thrones is hugely popular and critically acclaimed and is littered with characters with shades of grey. Sure there are some that come across as diabolic villains and some as valiant heroes but nearly all character you can understand their motives.

In the last season when Jamie and Bron was battling it out with Daneryes and Drogon, you wasn't questioning "which one has turned heel", as they was behaving believably how they should in given circumstances. Furthermore character we root for will side with those we don't. Everyone is the hero in their own minds which is how storytelling should be. If you wanted a basic battle of good v evil, you should go to the pantomime.

Part of me wishes there was an alternative reality where people could see if the WWE gave them what they wanted and had Braun Strowman win the title, remain a "face", and defend it against the baddies- which you are clutching at real straws to find one Strowman hasn't already flattened with ease on a weekly basis on Raw. How does Braun v Mojo Rawley for the Universal title sound? No, me neither.

Strowman's character in particular had needed this. Like Reigns did the prior week, he has shown he's not a clueless buffoon by repeating the same mistake again. He has to resort to these measures to combat The Shield. He can't just pick a kid out of the crowd and combat those 3 on his own.

I also don't really understand the hater behind Becky Lynch's character developments. Becky has become a significantly bigger deal because of it and had it been the other way round and she had won the title and Charlotte and attacked her, I feel it would come across as Becky is just a placeholder to get the belt on Charlotte eventually and it wouldn't really be much of a talking point. Furthermore, I think she had become pretty formulaic in the ring and out of it playing the same role for so long, and now she has the chance to do something different. I can almost guarantee Becky herself is absolutely delighted with her current direction and happier with creative than she has probably been in years.

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Stardust as their world champion and the match takes place in the midcard? LMAO!

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Just do what the smarks are doing that are thumbing you down- watch it illegally thus helping it to fail, then act like it's the best thing ever, and if Roman Reigns is involved in a great match on Raw, pretend it sucks

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What is this garbage? LOL, I'm seeing a load of shot to pieces WWE rejects named. Billy Gunn? Trent Barreta? Tommy Dreamer? The Hurricane? Bully Ray? Stardust?

No thanks, I'll stick to the big leagues