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WHAT?! WHAT THE HELL WAS THIS CRAP?! Sombra gets redeemed after all of the crap he has done?! This is garbage! No, scratch that. The entire arc was garbage! I thought Radiant Hope and her annoying personality was the lowlight of this arc, but no! The ending took the cake for me! It was very rushed, very anti-climatic, and didn't make sense at all. And where in the world are Lightning Dust, Iron Will, Flim & Flam, and Chrysalis? Did they just run away and never came back? There were too many things that frustrated me in this arc, but all I can say is that I don't want the person who wrote this arc to write another arc for the MLP comics ever again.

Congratulations, "Siege of the Crystal Empire"! You are officially the worst arc in the MLP comic series! Whoever wrote this arc, I hope you take your stupid story, shove it up your mouth, and swallow it whole, because your story was nothing more than a poorly written fanfic!

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Go to Youtube. The amount of people praising the arc is too damn high.

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Now that I've watched the video and listened to the people sing, I want to see how it would be like if Flash Sentry sang. =P

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That art style looks familiar. Is pixelkitties working for Enterplay? It seems like she is, because she has contributed several of the cards in the MLP CCG set.

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Not only are there MarbleMac pics being drawn in the fandom, but TWO MarbleMac fanfics have appeared on Fimfiction. The fics are:

Talking to Rocks
Marble Madness

Yes, this ship is sailing high right now.

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I love how Coco was keeping a calm expression on her face while beating up Suri.

Never mess with the fashion business!

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Happy birthday, Lauren Faust!

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And how in the world did she appear in Twilight's castle? That's what I want to know!

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SO MUCH HYPE! I can't contain it!

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This guy is so amazing!