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Looks as if they might have thought better of it. As far as the BBC is concerned anyway. This just appeared on the BBC news website

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It makes me laugh the way the mass media manage to achieve the exact opposite of their intention. Channel 4 decides they will be really clever and refuse to broadcast the BNP election message at the last minute so that it is impossible to make any changes to comply with whatever nitpicking demands they were making. But by doing that all they achieve is to make the public prick their ears up that little bit higher and wonder what could be in that broadcast that is so outrageous and incendiary that Channel 4 viewers have to be prevented from seeing it. So off they go to another channel to see what all the fuss was about. If Channel 4 hadn't been such idiots those viewers might never have gone to the trouble of making sure they took a look at the BNP broadcast. So what they have achieved is the exact opposite of their intentions. Even more people will watch that broadcast than would otherwise have been the case, and they are more likely to be paying attention too. Good old Channel 4. What a bunch of duffers! Yet another great big hole in the foot!

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Dear God, Alf, that was utterly revolting. I worked my way through until I got to the actual video made by what I take to be the Swiss equivalent to our RSPCA which is actually at:

I had previously assumed that animals were humanely killed in the fur trade before being skinned. This Chinese mob are utterly beyond the pale. I can't say as I am in the habit of buying fur goods anyway, but if i was I certainly wouldn't buy anything with even a whiff of China in it's backgound.

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Clicked on the link and a 404 "not found" screen came up. Had a search round and I think I found the item you refer to, which was at:

This seems to be the same address as in your own link, so whether it will work when clicked on I don't know.

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I seem to recall that Bexhill was the late Conservative Prime Minister Ted Heath's old constituency. I also seem to recall that there was a local government election not so long ago in one of the wards where the BNP candidate only missed election by 8 votes. With all the LibLabCon dirty water that has passed under the bridge since then there has to be the possibility of a result for us methinks. Good Luck!

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The establishment thought it would be oh so clever and come up with a 'judgement' that would allow them to continue banning the BNP from accepting new members. Nick Griffin had astutely anticipated this sort of move, however, and had asked the membership in advance to give him authority to rewrite that part of the party constitution, which they voted in favour of. As a result, as soon as the judgement was delivered an appropriate alteration was instantly made, and the BNP opened for membership applications again. Starting with the 7,000 that have backed up over the last three months as a result of all the lovely publicity received courtesy of Trevor Philips' Equality Commission and the BBC. Thanks very much chaps, your a Godsend! What does it feel like to realise you have shot yourselves in the foot yet again? And as a result the voters are more aware of BNP policies than they ever were and are joining and donating in droves. Brilliant! There really is no such thing as bad publicity!

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A fine speech, in clear and unequivocal language. It makes it clear that if the BNP are elected to run the council there will be no more of the same old sleazy nonsense that has dogged Barking & Dagenham for years, but a fine new broom that will sweep clean and introduce radical changes that will make it a borough that is a pleasure to live in once more.

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Wrong, Jessica Flint. We HAVE read the Quran, to our growing horror and distress. Because we have read ALL of it, not just the recommended bits. We are perfectly well aware that the later, very specifically aggressive parts of the Quran have superior precedence over the more benign earlier writings, and we can see for ourselves what goes on around the world. You have chosen a poor place to come and practice your 'takkiya', we are well versed in the malicious and cunning ways of Islam and we will fight it tooth and claw, every step of the way.

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£25 Billion is a sum of money to make one blanche, but I feel much greater concern at the thought of how many of the lives of our soldiers will be snuffed out or totally wrecked by unspeakable injuries over the course of the next 5 years. For the love of God, get them out of that bloody hell-hole!

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There is. It's called Treason. But to bring these people to book for this crime will will require someone in a position of great power who is also willing to sign the warrant for arrest. Since all those in positions of great power at the moment are also complicit in the crime there is not much likelihood of this happening. Will it happen if a 'different' party is elected into power at the coming general election? I wouldn't hold your breath, because you couldn't squeeze a fag paper between the difference between any of the three main parties.