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How "ironic" (if that is even the right word) would it be for Ian to get drafted as Mr. Irrelevant? After all the love he has already received from the national media he would continue to be a storyline.

Prior to the combine I would have been surprised if he got drafted, but after posting his 40 time in the combine, I am surprised to see him slip this far.

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Is this your way of saying you are replacing David Augusto on channel 7? Or better yet, when Murphy moves to the policital beat, the Statesman will hire you for some freelance work.

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Yeah the weekday games are awful - at least most of them are road games. The Oregon game being played on Thursday is a big downer, which might be the tipping point of not renewing my season tickets.

Hey wait.... is this OBNUG? Kevan, I hope your upcoming BIG announcement has something to do with a return to blogging (even if only on a very limited basis)

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I am another fan that is contemplating whether or not to renew this year. All of your points that you listed are the growing pains of trying to become a big-time program.
The problem for the fan is that Bleymaier and company are running the program first to maximize revenue with a secondary goal of improving the program's prestige.
Most notbably the schedule lacks. I understand you need UC Davis to fill the schedule and make more money, but Gene's insistance on a 1 for 1 home and away is getting stale. Take a look at Fresno's schedule and tell me that BSU could not do the same. They could charge $120 a head and I would pay it to see Nebraska play on the blue.

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It's articles like this when I realize how much I miss the OBNUG.

Glad to have spring football here, for unlike Kevan, I have become a soccer fan - spent my "lunch" yesterday watching Champions League quarterfinals.

I am definitely in for a bracket pool if you set one up. Guess it's time I join the OBNUG club on facebook.

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So true Kevan. What was that Kirby guy's last name again?! (okay, maybe we won't forget that one.)

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BroncoCountry (and represent a lot of what is going wrong with college football. Leaches are making money while "reporting" on 16 & 17 year olds, all of which is speculation and hyperbole. This town is so punch drunk with Bronco love that any site offering 'inside' information will make a buck. Sooner or later, the fanbase as a whole will realize what happens on the field in the most important. (Raise your hand if you were excited about Kellen Moore on Letter of Intent day 2007)
Newspapers can't even use enough space to print a full boxscore, much less an article with any opinion on the game (although the Fresno Bee has had some good sports writers.) As long as there are Sunday coupons, somebody will have a need for the newspapers.
OBNUG, BNN and the other blogs at least offer a view for the fan, with some insight that is not offered in the other outlets. In addition to the superb writing skill of Kevan & Co, the respectful interaction within the comments is what makes/made OBNUG entertaining.

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Thanks go out to Kevan, Nick and all the regular commenters - this season was even more fun because it was shared with a bunch of fellow fans through the world of OBNUG.

Kevan, the quantity (and quality) of you daily posting continued to astonish me, and I can understand where a little bit of burnout would set in. I am not sure what I will do with all of my time now - but my employer thanks you.

I look forward to your periodic updates, no matter how infrequent. OBNUG will remain at the top of by Google reader.

Best of luck.

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This is a pretty big blow - that leaves Pettis, Titus Young (maybe) and Shoemaker as the experience coming back. Mitch Burroughs seems to have had a good year on the scout team and there are quite a few redshirts listed at WR, albeit most are undersized. Yes, Kirby Moore is coming, but I think Kellen's success has put unrealistic expectations on a true freshman receiver coming in to make an impact.

Despite the lack of depth, I am confident the coaching staff will adjust with a healthy dose of Efaw and both Martin and Avery are good at catching the ball out of the backfield.

With Wilson coming back the defense is solidified, leaving room for the offense to not be quite as explosive.

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Your "good hands" could be like those of a tight end or receiver (minus Titus Young)