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Lets give hudud a chance as it benefits not only the muslims but non-muslims too.

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Political coalotion is like a marriage. If you cannot afford then take one wife only. The same with DAP. It has already has young and beautiful Amanah. No need to take old and rusty PKR as a second wife. No need for a pain in the neck.

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All hindu apologists particularly hindraf are encouraged to attend and engage Dr. Zakir in his lectures.

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The resignation is good for both parties. The place can be quickly filled with another truly PAS candidate by heart and action. Sayonara!

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Too late now. If they are serious then all should have attended the parliament when the vote was passed. But they did not. Instead they prefer to sleep and dream. Stop barking!

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In contrary this country has nothing to loose but everything to gain if it becomes another Singapore. There will be no more SRJK to start with. All attends national school with one common exam instead of multiple but sub-standard vernacular papers. The MPs who break the laws like gambling, torching firecrackers and blocking fire hydrant would severely be dealt with. The list goes on.

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Mafhoz is dead wrong. Severing the ties with PAS is the best act of statesmanship. LGE has done the right thing. He should have gone one more step by completely detaching DAP from PAS.

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Finally common sense prevails. Finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Finally DAP recognises that hudud is good for them too. Finally those who're who in DAP realise hudud is the only way to check the declining moral standard of their members and the community they're championing. Congratulations....

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LKS is absolutely entitled to his comments. So does Hadi. According to him it was DAP who had been dishonest and acted unilaterally citing the Penang Council Election. Now is PAS turn. Why complain now? Why DAP cared supporting and campaigning aggressively for every PAS candidate in GE13 knowing full well that hudud and PAS are inseparable? Fair questions by Hadi.

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If only LGE can see and feel the sorry state of Karpal Singh or Teoh BH in their world, then, he can appreciate what Hj. Hadi is doing. But he can't. Not now. By the time he sees its already too late.