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That's one spoilery synopsis. I don't mind it in this case, though. I wanted to know if the alicornification was permanent, and this confirms it. It doesn't sound good in theory, but I'll reserve judgment until the episode airs.

Thankfully, the writers behind the episode are very good. They might be able to save it, even if the idea seems poor. The rest of the episode does sound promising, it's just the coronation I'm not sure about. The whole cutie mark switching sounds interesting, looking forward to seeing how that'll play out.

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You'd think they'd do at least five minutes of research before designing the shirt. Instead, it looks like the designer heard My Little Pony and automatically assumed bronies were a fanbase for the 80s series. A G4 shirt would've been a lot more popular.

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It's like a simpler version of Luna Eclipsed, only nowhere near as good.

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The first one tells a nice little story. It was interesting to see the animation improve as it went on. There's a noticeable improvement when you compare the first scenes to the last few.

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PMV: Ponies: the Anthology
Song: Flutterwonder
Fanfic: Fallout: Equestria (with honorary mentions to Dangerous Business and The Game We Play)
Custom/Plushie Pony: Everything by Whitedove
Drawn/Digital art Piece:
Fan Animation: Picture Perfect Pony.
Comic: Equestrian Meal Time
Game: Most of my favorites are still in development. Out of the currently released ones, Story of the Blanks
Ask Blog: Rarity Replies

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Eurobeat Brony does make great original songs. Luna is still one of my all-time favorite pony songs, along with Discord. The new one doesn't disappoint either.

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Equestria Girls isn't remixed often, it's been ages since the last one. #2 does a nice job at turning it into house.

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Carrot Top is her nickname, right. That's a clever way of avoiding copyright restrictions.

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It's better than using a G1 clip, like a lot of previous reports did.

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I loved it. I had to pause it three times because I was laughing so hard. The commercial break was especially genius. So many wonderful game recreations, too. Fluttershy's suplexes were hilarious.

It could've used some trimming, though. The original was a lot more focused. Around 95% of the clips in the original were great, while only 70% of this one's were IMO. It would've been better if it was 15-30 minutes shorter.

The biggest improvement was how much more original content this one had. The intro made really good use of desktop ponies, and all of the original animation was nicely done too.