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You may

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Funny, since UAH has a pretty nice schedule lined up for this an Independent...

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KM and I differ on our views of "Kevin Butler." I hated his speech at E3. It's the most embarrassed I've ever felt as a gamer.

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Assuming you\'re not spam, twitter @TheGamerzZone

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We\'ve got a major update coming within the next 10 days. You haven\'t missed it.

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Limited AND Legendary come with a special Elite Armor variant. Everything in the Limited comes with the Legendary edition. Everyone will get elite armor types, but the special one is reserved for the two more expensive options.

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Don't mistake my rant for being any kind of indication that I would do anything less than what I claim we shouldn't do if they decided to picket a family member or friend's funeral. I would probably go just as crazy on these people as anyone else, but either way, it's the only way we as a society can "win" the right to no longer have people like this making a bad name for the rest of humanity.

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Well it ain't called "Pokemon Easy Mode" :P

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I think we had decided that it counted as one area. It'll be a while till he gets there, his computer died on him again.

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If you're gonna troll, you need to come up with something not incredibly stupid.