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For me it was easy, I went there I told them and they say something like , hey it's not the weirdest thing you do, plus is great you want to be part of a community. After that they sent me to bronycon and are happy everytime I make a new bronyfriend.

Plus take in consideration I'm from Ecuador and from a rather conservative family. Luckily I think it was that it is really not the weirdest thing I do.

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Someone please. PLEASE write a fanfic where pinkie discovers she used to be lovers with the king in a past life, and they were looked bad upon because she was a pony and he a griffon.

Tree hugger already proved that some ponies believe in past lives. Come on writers.

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An indigo- turquoise ying yang symbol without the dots sorrounden by six lines similar to the ones of an atom, three of one color and three of the other. finally in the spaces around the symbol between the lines small trialngles pointing outwards like a cartoon sun. it looks better than it sounds. for me the ying yang symbol represents balance, comething i believe in, im sometimes good , im sometimes bad, you cant be only one. the atom lines are because of my love for science and how it affects my life. the colors are variations of my two favorite colors green and blue, i believe its not ok to have your favorite colors, these colors simbolize than i dont have the colors i want but i got close, so im in the middle. as for the triangles that make it all look like a cartoon sun, they are there because i love to enlighten people, i hate to say it but many consider me a samrt person and often seek me for information. sounds complicated, it is not.

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I don't know, I mean I've been a brony even before I realize it. Here where I live this one channel used to show reruns of 80's and 90's shows , years ago when I was little I saw the original my little pony and I really liked it, it never went away form my mind. A little more than a decade later I became a brony. I think I'll be a brony till I die. I never let the things I like go.

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Again , someone needs to make a PMV about luna with the song Make me wanna due by the pretty reckless. The song it's to perfect for her , I would do it , unfortunately I know nothing about making PMVs. If you read this , go listen to the song and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

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Man that would be so amazing, I knew that I eventually someone would think about making that PMV.

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Someone has , and I mean HAS to create a PMV about Luna with the song make me wanna die by the pretty reckless If any of you have listen to it you know it's perfect for a PMV about luna , for the ones who hasn't ,listen to it. Trust me.

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When did she say that? Any links where I can read it?

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I just wonder if it's going to be a my little pony movie or a Frienship is magic movie. I mean it could be a movie of the my little pony franchise , taking place a outside the fourth and current generation , remember that the franchise has been around since 1984. Or if it is going to be a movie about Frienship is magic it could perhaps be a continuation, maybe taking place between seasons ( assuming there will be seasons through 2017 ) or before the first season , showing us the past of equestria or even maybe act as the series conclusion ( again assuming that the season that came out before the movie is the last one) or just a simple bridge between the seasons of that year. Remember they said a my little pony feature length movie, not a my little pony Frienship is magic feature length movie. That's why I'm so worried.

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Believe it or not . I like flashlight and sometimes sparity