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I would thought otherwise seeing as PS4's memory architecture being more simple. But I guess the Xbone has means of making memory allocation automatic.

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This looks like an extended rambi stage in DK. The peanut sounds like the banana collecting sound too.

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I loved this presentation. I fully expect 2 more. The one for dolls and another for online features. They may even do a Nintendo direct to top it all off. So

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Well I have no idea what your background or opinions may be. But I wonder how upset you would become if some told you your opinions don't matter. I can relate to the outrage specifically because I'm enduring the same mentality at my workplace right now. I am part of a project to reorganize a storage area, in which I am helping a coworker. Since the beginning of the project I tried to inform my coworker that we couldn't move a rack into a certain area because it would negatively affect another workstation. I was ignored and in the middle of one conversation my coworker walked away from me while I was in mid sentence. He moved the rack where he wanted to only to be told by our supervisor that it was interfering with that workstation and that he had to move it. That is only one of the many instances I have had to deal with being ignored on this project only to be validated at a later time. But now I won't even forward an opinion even when I am asked because I'm fed up. This is similar to what those using #NotYourShield are going through everytime the wish to enter the #GG discussion , those who dissent repeatedly tell them they don't exist and they have to repeteadly prove that they are minority. There is ample reason for them to be fed up.

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Unfortunately for all movements we end up with zealots who feel all decent should be removed. I don't agree with that mentality because discord is what strengthens ones ability to reason and allows us to make more solid arguments. Removing oneself from the discussion because of the vitriol leveled at you maybe beneficial to you. But if you want the movement to have some positive outcome it maybe best for you to endure. I look at Liana K( a self professed feminist) as someone who could be called #GG neutral. She willing to stay in thick of things even though she has received insults from both sides. Watch her video "why Anita sarkeesian fans almost made me quit" . Her actions showed me that if I want the discussionto be civil then I should a civil voice within the chorus of shouts.

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I don't feel opposing someone for having a counter view is the same as questioning their existence for having a counter view. Whether you agree with it or not western society has deemed boycotting a product for affiliating with someone you disagree with as a valid means of protest. Will Wheaton will get the full sum of his pay for his work regardless of whether or not Code name S.T.E.A.M is successful, only because of that do I find such actions pointless. There is no equivocation between what Tim Schafer did and what #GG are doing. One is saying I don't want to affiliate with anything that benefits my dissenters. The other is saying your views and opinions are invalid because you don't even exist.

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I don't wish to debate your opinion especially since I think its valid for you to have those opinions. What is not valid is for someone to question the very existence of someone just because they disagree with you, or you believe that their views are counter to their best interest. That is what Tim Schafer did and that is wrong. I am a person who believes we should be having a discussion on sex, race and stereotypes in gaming, but I also believe that the people who are consider the spokespersons for progressive views are utterly wrong. These people have chosen to omit the positive representation of women, the negative representation of men and the overall competitive nature of the online sphere that relates to disparaging remarks to all players regardless of race or gender. I watched a conference on where this guy made statements about how 80% of women have been harassed while playing games while only 30% of men say they have been harassed. But at no time did this guy state any guidelines for what should be consider harassment. Everyone has different standards and if I'm a person who uses swearing and disparaging humor in my day to day life, my definition of harrasment would be more extreme than someone who would never consider insulting their friend to their face as means of entertaining each other. I personally believe every member of Playeressence is here because we are fed up with the gaming media and found this place as a haven. So on both those accounts you now see why I am leaning in favor of #GG .

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So because there may be some sock accounts that should descredit the vast majority of accounts that had videos and images proving themselves to not be white. The whole reason #notyourshield came about was because all #GG supporters were being accused of being white basement dwelling men. The fact that you would agree with Tim Schafer means you are ignorant and haven't been following #GG.

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There is a community developed game called Phase Shift that allows you to play drums with all 4 limbs. What we have seen from this video, it doesn't seem like it will be the case and if so I have no interest in this game. I took the survey but they didn't create a section for additional comments or I would have shared this with Harmonix then.

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I just hope they are given the time to properly optimize the game. Long loading times piss me off, so I choose to skip on deus ex. I would hate to see a repeat of that.