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Generally, yes. Forums are much faster, and don't usually require a sign up (although some do, keep in mind).
Versus a comment section, where everyone can be easily identified, and can only post to moderator made posts.
(Instead of anyone being able to make their own thread whenever/ wherever).

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And then repeats the problem said before of that delicate balance. Too far on either side and the community shifts.

People don't need to see post counts and date joined in order to have this mentality. Users based by names will hold this mentality, and (some) will shove it upon others. However, on the other side of the spectrum, there's the completely level playing field of anonymity, which will lead to gore and porn instead.
(There's no really good way to keep a forum clean of a problem, really).

"Internet Drama"
When I open a news post it's a bit saddening to see most of the comments to be singing or roleplaying. The fact that people do so in the comments section of something mildly serious is a bit disheartening. For example, see the post on the first page of comments with ~70 comments. VERY good discussion there, oh yes.

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Usually small scale forums or examples are fortunate enough to avoid such topics. That said, this site obviously has many more users, and as such would not be comparable to a smaller forum.
I suppose we'll see (if it happens, however).

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Forums would only advance the problem.
And even if R34 is against the rules, people will still post it. It always happens.

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1) Forums.
I can absolutely guarantee this will go wrong. If it isn't obvious why, allow me to clarify.
-Elitism (if you haven't been on a forum, this always happens)
-Internet Drama
Now, there's going to be insufficient moderation, or too much moderation that will happen.
Too much moderation will make the forum into a one-sided opinion fest.
Too little moderation will result in too much porn, ext.

2) Lower Standards on Drawfriend
It's ironic that you say no to this, considering in the past almost no OC's were accepted (only canon ponies). Now, however, there's more of them than ever. We've already lowered the bar in the past, realize it or not.

3) Spotlights for artists
Alright, so lets say that a well known artist gets featured. Now, that's great for that one artist (or the few, depending on the case), but that means that gives said artist more attention and ego than other artists. Basically it'd be the same as holding one person out of a crowd and saying "no one else is as good as this guy!" In short: it encourages elitism.

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People are able to do that now?
Excuse me while I hide in my bunker, this is guaranteed to go downhill quickly...

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"RP as Rarity"
N-no thanks.

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No thank you, I'm fine as is.

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Please edit the post when it's back up, it seems wasteful to make a post about something like this.
(But what do I know.)
Guess a lot of people want to try artistry, which means more fan art.
Drawfriends, prepare yourselves.

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For everyone planning on playing it on mac: DOWNLOAD WINE.
As long as you have X11 (which is on Lion and Mountain Lion, not sure about earlier versions) and install wine, you can run it flawlessly. Use wine to run other Windows apps as well, but keep in mind it won't work for every .exe.

Problem Solved.