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Haven't you seen all the signs from the Navy and what they've been saying? Have you read the then CNO Admiral Greenert's piece on stealth and how it is being out paced by electronics? He boasted payloads over platforms. The Navy directors of air warfare have also been very clear. The Super Hornet is good enough to beat the threat well into the future.

On top of that the F-35 sucks. The F-35C in particular is just as expensive as 3 Super Hornets, doesn't deliver nearly the same capability as one Super Hornet due to glitches in software, and its capabilities that the Navy does want can all be incorporated into the UCLASS or F/A-XX programs.

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If you think this is only about the one vs two engine argument then I have a bridge to sell you!

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Something a lot more newsworthy: the US Navy just a few days ago announced plans to buy 24 to 36 new Super Hornets through 2018:

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The F-35 Program is dying and these services (IAF and USN) are jumping ship. They never wanted the F-35 but they were only buying them because the Pentagon forced them to.

The Ford class carrier has proven to be far more expensive to build and ***sibly to operate than was previous conceived. It's too early to tell, but I'm guessing that Fords coming out won't result in greater availability if they continue to remain expensive, which won't result in any need for increased aircraft numbers. Even it does the Navy would rather buy Super Hornets to fill those ranks. If they truly believed the F-35 had any merit they would have let the Super Hornet line die in 2017, but they didn't.

The Navy has made it clear it wants the Super Hornet and hates the F-35C. They tried to leave the F-35 program about a year and a half ago and were told straight to their face "No way!"

As for extending the lives of the Legacy Hornets, it's doable and they're taking a shot at it, but the Navy clearly wants to replace its Legacy Hornets with more Super Hornets.

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Guess who just announced plans to buy an additional 24 to 36 Super Hornets. I'll give you a hint: It's not Australia.

The US Navy just today announced plans to buy 24 to 36 new Super Hornets through 2018:

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Let me tell you a secret. Did you know that Israel actually knew about the F-35 and the Silent Eagle long before our other allies did? Guess what they did? They asked for the Silent Eagle in 2009 and the US refused to sell it to them. We would only sell them the F-35. Israel has always wanted the Silent Eagle since they first heard about it. It has always been the preferred choice. My guess is that now they are using the Iran deal as leverage. I can't tell you the specifics of why they want the Silent Eagle, but I can say that if anyone knows anything about facing air-to-air combat, it's the Israelis, and they don't want the F-35.

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Dfens, you've just finally come out as being an F-35 fanboy now.

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Israel actually came out and asked for the Silent Eagle. The fact that they did this while being a member of the F-35 program is telling.

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You know people aren't able make excuses for buying the F-35 when their best argument is attempting to make foolish, senseless comparisons between the competition and WWII aircraft.

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What I find more funny than anything right now is that the US Navy ordered 15 more EA-18G Growlers and neither DoDBuzz nor Defensetech have said anything about them. The Super Hornet line is now going to be extended well into 2018 and probably out past 2020 if the Canadians follow with an order.