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People outside of Judaism often see Jews as monolithic for the same reasons you see Black people as monolithic- ignorance and unfamiliarity. Anyone inside either group knows it's not true.

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You should re-read that article on Selma. Nobody is denying the presence of Jewish people at Selma or within the larger civil rights movement. Certainly not me- I pretty much only exist because of it. And certainly not anyone who is old enough to be there.

The point you're missing is that it was a Black moment, led and populated by Black people. Local Black people in the case of Selma, where the local leadership wasn't even sure they wanted MLK there. There were Jewish and Christian and Japanese people there too, marching alongside. But they were *alongside*, not at the center. There's nothing wrong with a movie placing Black people at the center, as they should be.

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The SPLC says there are fewer than 30k Nation of Islam members. It is a tiny cult, however scary, offensive, or visible it is.

And the million man march wasn't a million men, much less a million Nation of Islam members/admirers. And there have been numerous far larger gatherings in the US.

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The idea that some wacky (and tiny) cult and a washed up politician's anti-Semitic comment represent all of Black America is ridiculous. As is the idea that black people owe Jewish people for the role some played in the civil rights movement.

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Jews remember their role in the Civil Rights Movement the way baby boomers remember their presence at Woodstock.

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Netanyahu and Boehner go behind the president's back, set this up in secret and in total violation of the American president's role re: US diplomacy, and you think it's the president that has "injected partisanship?" That's absurd.

Almost as absurd as those who believe they can link the current liberal/Black/urban/coastal Democratic coalition to the conservative/white/rural/southern Democratic coalition of the 150 years ago. They are literally the exact opposites.

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"Heritage" chickens are the norm across virtually the entire world outside of the US and it's fairly recent factory farmed chickens. They're basic protein for everyone but us.

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There have been numerous attacks on mosques and Muslim businesses in France the last few days. They've been shot up, burned, had grenades thrown into them, and a number of people have been assaulted. Even a kebab shop got blown up.

Far right-wing groups and political parties are growing all over Europe. Trying to attribute the growing antisemitism there purely to Muslims is totally off base. The right-wing politicians and groups emboldened by this act are as anti-Semitic as they are anti-Muslim. And they are far more numerous and powerful than either Jewish or Muslim people.

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Two elections, four years apart, isn't enough to identify a trend. Reagan, Bush, Nixon and Ford all got 30-40% of the Jewish vote. So a several point swing from 22% to 30% across the Obama presidency is hardly a "serious trend". In fact, it's the exact same 8-point swing you saw between Reagan's first election and his second.

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It's not about seeking social acceptance, it's about young Jewish people not having a warm and fuzzy view of Israel formed 50 or 60 years ago. The Israel we've grown up with is the far right-wing one of the last 10 or 20 years, whose actions are totally at odds with the liberal Jewish values our parents taught us.