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Yeah that one. I thought it was really neat. I think it was <a href="" target="_blank">

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Yes. Additionally, the circular blank sitting in the middle of nowhere is where the non-button to not deactivate my no traction control isn't.

In my old Delta 88, I also knew the function of more buttons then actually existed. Even with as little expectation of sensibility I have of GM, I know there must have been at least one button to adjust the clock. I searched and searched, but never found it.

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The hypothetical player shows such poor spacial reasoning and such a failure to grasp the concept of packing efficiency that they would require a 40 foot shipping container to pack for a weekend away.
At a nudist colony.

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Why does every artistic depiction of Tetris show someone being really bad at Tetris?

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What a terrible design. First, that head is way too tiny, it looks like it's for cleaning throw pillows.
Second, why is it shaped like a vacuum cleaner? Because it is? That's silly, it's because lawns are just like a big carpet that's outside right? NO. Lawns are like lawns. Make it shaped like a lawnmower, with a big wide head on some floppy flexy mount so it stays on the ground even when the ground is lumpy which it is.
Think about actually using this thing. Only stop thinking "This is stupid, why am I even doing this?" It's because you appear to be in the army and they said so. You've got this tiny little head and you have to make eleventy sweeps to clear the area within wanding range without walking. nyurrrrr, nyurrrrr, nyurrrrr, nyurrrrr, nyurrrrr, nyurrrrr, nyurrrrr, nyurrrrr, nyurrrrr, nyurrrrr, nyurrrrr.
Then you move on to the next patch, which you can because at least the hose is long. Then you get to the end of the hose and have to move the machine. So you tug on the hose and it falls over, because the hose is attached at the top and the wheels have sunk into the ground because they're tiny casters and this thing looks like it weighs 150lbs.
How could this be so stupid? Is it because it's really is an inside vacuum and they just put it out here because photoshoot? Yes obviously.
And those don't look like army pants, he's probably not in the army.

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Speaking of spam, did you get my email tip about the guy who made the thing do the thing? (His website ends in it's from my username at-symbol yahoo period com.

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'Hooniverse Asks- Encyclopedia Hoonatica: please tell us some.'
I've got like seven. Which means up to two may be worth publishing!

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Reminds me of a press. The loop part goes onto a fixed , and then you press the handle and the disk presses down on the and they .

I'm thinking of a potato ricer* or a press for a German noodle I cannot spell or pronounce. Spatzle?
But you'd need a fixed attached to something for the loop which (one of) looks like it has a bearing in it to attach to. And the disc has holes in it. Probably the disc would attach to a surface and the loop is the part that does the thing.

*Not a rice potatoer. The handle would go the other way.

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[youtube ed4CHkN-Dkw youtube]
Nerds gonna nerd.

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What the whatity what what?