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I know Hillary is really our nominee in waiting, but all I want is for Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren to crash her party just to make sure she doesn't pander to much to so called moderates and try swing some votes from the otherside. I have a fear that the way Democrats handled the last election by becoming surrender monkeys may continue and you saw what that got us. Sanders and Warren can keep her in check from drifting too far.

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Is this meal mandatory part of our communist collective?

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I'm sorry I just can't take anything called Fancy Farm serious. I immediately think Wilbur the pig and Charlotte the spider live there and everyone wears fancy clean overalls and walk their sheep on leashes

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My favorite part is going to be when Aliens do contact us and then find out we are mostly a world made up of people who believe in mythology and then stop taking our calls. Soooooo you guys never made the connection between your Zeus/Thor/Jesus all being myths...... So we got this thing in the next galaxy over we'll call you on our way back, our number ummm it's unlisted but promise we'll call..... Zorp hit the afterburners

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I'll take a little for column 1 and a little from column 3 and the pu pu platter to go, I'll tip the driver when he gets here ok tnx!

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A chip off the ol' grifter

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The NRA America's in house terrorist organization.

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Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. BTW Rush pulled this schtick a few years ago. We don't want sloppy conservative seconds

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He said he called Ross and told him to close the bridge on Ireland! PhinsUP!

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We could change the world if we could just channel Internet Rage into energy. The best insult in the world would be get typing you battery