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It's actually one thing that drives me crazy about Conservatives of the political class, this idea that the left are colleagues, they just disagree, I'm left baffled wondering whether certain Tories are completely insane.

The Leftists ruthlessly attack anyone who oppose them, they don't just disagree they will destroy people's lives, ruin their careers, smear them until they are persona non grata. Like they did to Roger Scruton, God rest his soul, what CCHQ and the Party leadership did by throwing him to the wolves was unforgivable and they should hang their heads in shame for behaving like such base cowards.

I think many career politicians of the boomer generation, have had a cushy ride and find it easier to give ground to the left than fight on principle, Christ, the last PM we had who was willing to take the fight to the left ideologically was Thatcher! Look who we've had since, Major, Howard, Hague, Cameron .... not one of them had the stomach for a fight. I think Boris summed up Cameron perfectly, a girly swot.

Thatcher had more balls than the entire Tory party leadership had in 35 years!

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What you're talking about is an entirely different kettle of fish.

Putting women in place simply because they are women is tokenism, it is antithetical to the idea of merit and earning your place, the same with ethnic candidates of whatever description, its flimsy pandering and should precisely be regarded as tokenism as it simply involves burnishing the parties virtue signaling credentials as to how progressive and forward thinking CCHQ are, when it's the worst kind of soft bigotry there is.

What you've pointed out is the metropolitan liberal bias within CCHQ, parachuting chosen candidates into safe seats, distorting the views of the Party's MPs when compared to the Grass roots Tory membership. Hence we get incompetent and ideologically opposite candidates such as Hammon, Gauke, Grailing, T May. etc.

None of them were fit to hold office or be an MP, look at how JR Mogg had to fight to be selected, because CCHQ hated him, as it didn't fit with "their" vision for the party, it's not their party, it's ours. How many men, who didn't go to University, didn't go to a private school or haven't spent years inculcated in the political sphere do you see in Parliament? Not many.

The first step would be to repeal the ridiculous changes that pillock W Hague put in place, another one who hides behind the name of Conservative, yet proved to be utterly vacuous. The Party Leader should be chosen by MPs, but MPs should be chosen by the party members, hence the MPs views will largely reflect the views of the people who they've been chosen by and who they have lived among, the candidates of every strip should be encouraged to stand for election by the party, it promotes a competition of ideas from the ground up, not corrosive identity politics imposed on us by those that feel the party should be more "representative", but enjoy, hypocritically, not being subject to policy of their own creation.

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It is quite enjoyable watching left wing radicals eat each other, especially considering how appalling they are.

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Plus the fact that those people have just likely ruined their lives, and will likely either commit suicide within a decade or have serious complications due to surgery and hormone treatments and develop terminal illness or die from it.

But, we're not allowed to talk about that data.... because it's "transphobic" I think our ancestors will look back on this episode of history, in the same way we look back on electroshock therapy and lobotomies and think how could they have been so cruel and short sighted.

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So, your assertion is that we should help one group of radical left wing fanatics, fight another radical group of left wing fanatics.... I'm not seeing much of a reason why either side should be supported at the moment, both are as bad as each other, the feminists on the left tried to dismantle traditional society with their post modernist Marxist drivel (gender pay gap etc. )and now it's come back to bite them in the arse.

I prefer to let the fanatic feminist crazies and the radical trans crazies destroy each other, both of these groups are utterly appalling ideologues which have riven society with their corrosive identity politics.

Why should I lift a finger to help, when I can watch both sides utterly discredit each other? I like how Ms Lowe is asking for help now, when the Trans lobby is doing the same to the feminists, as the feminists did ruthlessly to men, not so much fun when the boot is on the other foot is it?

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"Everyone I Don't Like is Hitler: The Emotional Child's Guide to Political Discussion"

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You mean under May's train wreck of a withdraw agreement that she tried to bounce the cabinet into and we're stuck trying to make the best of a dogs dinner that she made of it?

Yes, how could we possible have to make concessions after that utter train wreck put us on the back-foot?

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Here we have an example of "how to debate for children" ie: anyone I don't like is Hitler.

It worked well for Hillary Clinton, Remain, Labour in the last election and looks to be going well for the Democrats, clearly this is a fool proof method of convincing people that you're not an utter ass.

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Ya mein Fuhrer, it will now be a greater challenge to conquer all of Europa.

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The fact he's ruffled your feathers means he's on the right track.