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It's ridiculous that we've devolved to this farcical situation; an Englishman's home is his castle and we, as Englishmen should have every right to defend it, with lethal force if necessary; the police are a joke, more concerned with policing "hate crime" or promoting activist agendas.

Look at the Rotheram rape gangs scandal, still nothing has been rectified, knife and gun crime in London is a disaster, travellers have been given carte blanche to behave as they will; remember the case of Richard Osborn-Brooks? A 78 year old pensioner who stabbed a burglar with a screw driver when he broke into his house, he was initially arrested on suspicion of murder .... we live in such an utterly warped society.

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No it's not, repeating a fundamental faulty economic theory doesn't make it factually correct, you've simply inflated asset value via arms length system of direct liquidity injection into the market, the markets simply take longer to react to the artificial stimuli, yet they will react in the same way they always do by raising prices as the increased demand caused by the stimuli bleeds out from the epicenter.

It is not an economic fact, inflating an asset value and claiming"look I have created wealth" is meaningless, printing funny money so and holding it as an asset on one balance sheet and a liability on another so it can be pumped into the economy hasn't created anything, the liability will come due at some point and the sectors popped up by the extra liquidity are no better off that they were before, and are worse off than if they had gone into administration, restructured and come out as more economically viable.

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Your comment is factually wrong at a fundamental level, that's not a strawman, you were given the explanation and it flew over your head.

If you can't understand the issue and instead regurgitating articles without engaging, then it's best you don't say anything at all. It's clear you don't understand the economic theories you're proposing.

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You're advocating Keynesian economics, if anything it was this economic theory which made the great depression of the 1930s drag on, the concept of a fiscal multiplier is defunct, you're trying to argue the idea that "investing" has no impact on asset value inflation or currency devaluation.

The entire system advocates for a one step removed policy of direct liquidity injection into to market. All you have done is ensure that those which receive the "investment" reap the benefit most and as time and distance from the initial "investment" occur the returns are significantly impacted by the asset inflation caused by the increase in demand, hence anyone outside the epicenter of the fiscal stimuli is negatively impacted by inflation created by the artificially stimulated demand.

This is the true trickle down economic model, not the monetarist theory that the left delights in misrepresenting.

If you think that's a strawman then you clearly don't understand the concepts you're trying to discuss. Don't quote me links you don't understand.

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No It doesn't, that is a fundamental misunderstanding of how monetary supply works.

Simply increasing the supply inflates asset values, it actually achieves very little other than kick the problem down the road, the cost of production, wages, research and capital expenditure are dictated to by market supply and demand; flooding the market with liquidity props up sectors which should have folded and restructured while artificially inflating asset values making it more expensive to actually operate a business. The Market will react to absorb the inflated supply of money and push prices up disproportionately hitting those at the bottom, worse when it doesn't work you're stuck with a stagflation cycle which has been artificially created instead of letting asset values deflate to manageable levels.

You can't simply print money to pump prime the economy and stick it on a balance sheet without the corresponding effect of currency devaluation or inflation, whichever way you want to cut it.

Claiming it's "invested" means diddly squat, that "money" has to come from somewhere and the debt entry on the BoE's balance sheet can't be rolled forward indefinitely.

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Ah yes, the "far right" colloquially known as anything right of Mao Zedong or Stalin. Revisionism at it's finest.

The police are frankly a joke, but should we expect anything less from a body which has systemically failed tackling Muslim grooming gangs, selectively applying lock down rules with no hint of common sense and seems more concerned with policing naughty words that hurt people's feelings that dealing with career criminals.

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If you think that you're either deluded or a flat out liar.

The Cummings episode was a nothing burger that the media delighted in spinning so they could take his political scalp, they have shown no compunction when it comes to the lock down and social distancing when they have flagrantly disregarded it by mobbing Dominic Cummings and the complete disregard of how the BLM protests have also flagrantly disregarded it, the same with Labour Councillors, other MPs,SMPs none of whom were attacked with the same vitrol and venom that they went after Cummings with.

This speaks volumes, that in their mind it was an opportunity to take down a political figure that had thumbed his nose at them and refused to kneel before their authority as the mouth piece of the metropolitan liberal class.

This also completely ignores that fact that hundreds were already ignoring the Gov's so called rules weeks before the Cumming's trip.

It amounts to the media screeching "he's a witch!" and trying to drown him to prove their point, which is evident when they all happily forgot about it and moved on the the BLM riots happily excused the protesters acting like iconoclast thugs.

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As I think some have noticed the Conservative party has no principles, other than achieve power by any means if that counts, well not since they stabbed Margret Thatcher in the back, she said that having principles was a necessary guide in politics.

The Conservative party since her fall has displayed no conviction in any underlying principles of traditionalism and conservative ideology, other than some vague notions of "fairness" hence they simply ape whatever position Labour has and we got the absurd contradiction of the Cameron Government a "Liberal" Conservative party, which simply continued in the same vein as New Labour while being slightly more blue.

The Conservative Party don't stand on principle, they stand for what's most convenient and politically expedient at the time.

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Genghis Khan was competent for all his faults, Sadiq Khan is an incompetent virtue signalling waste of space.

You know how Genghis would handle the protests to his rule.

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That sounds distinctly like racism to me Daniel, after all don't you know that pointing out the hypocrisy is heresy and will have you branded as racist by the Twitter lynch mob, chattering classes and the vacuous media ?

After all we all know, it's one rule for thee and another for me.