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Ha, I do enjoy your posts, they're always good for a laugh.

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Bollocks, a complete rewriting of history, she was toppled by the pro EU elements of the party namely Michael Heseltine, who wielded the knife.

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"He demeans the office of President. Has a more boorish, ignorant individual ever held the office?" typical liberal metropolitan arrogance and disdain on display here; what you've just shown is why Trump beat Clinton and why he'll likely wipe the floor with the Democrats in 2020

Trump is popular because he speaks to his base, they're not always well spoken or articulate, they can be blunt, abrasive and sometimes rude; what they don't have time for is political doublespeak and talking points and what they do have are legitimate problems and grievances which have been ignored for decades, while being told they're the problem and their taxes should pay for everyone else.

Do you think they care that Trump mocks people and acts like a bully? Frankly have someone who isn't afraid to tell another party to shove it, isn't a bad thing. People are tired of politicians trying to find consensus and compromise, when the opposition have no intention of being reasonable and walk all over the Gov. be it Conservatives or Republican.

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Pfffffffffffffffffffttttt. The pound has been over valued for years, it was estimated to be 20% over valued prior to the referendum result, namely as it's previously been used as a currency hedge against volatility, hence inflating the value due to the inevitable limitations of supply.

Currency value does not correlate directly with national wealth, namely because we moved off the Gold Standard in 1931, or we'd be more prosperous that then USA, which we're not, and the Swiss Franc would be valued higher than the pound, also the Euro has been undervalued as a currency for Germany, and over valued as a currency used by the Greeks.

What is laughable is the state of your comments, but carry on, we're all enjoying a good laugh at your expense.

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Lol you're actually replying to a spam bot, what a dumb ass. I suppose being a frothing at the mouth remainer does dull critical thought. It's always easier to preach the end is nigh and the sky is falling.

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Well don't you've now destroyed the incentive to save anything, why should I save anything to pass on to my children by being frugal and saving some of my salary when the Gov. is going to take it off me anyway.

Congratulations, you've created a system which should I or my children fall on hard times the state is now responsible for supporting them, not the savings which they've accumulated as a responsible adult should have put away.

Income tax should also be cut, frankly then entire tax system is there to support the bloated public sector which was expanded by Gordon Brown and subsequently by Cameron and May.

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Right, typical Chicken little the sky is falling attitude of those adhering to remain is always evident.

It's always some disaster or some such nonsense from the left. It's racist, this, sexist that, everyone is far right yada, yada, yada. If it's usch a horrible place and Brexit will be such a disaster, leave, go, emigrate like normal people would. Like so many who said they'd move to Canada if Trump was elected, yet they're still there, screeching incoherently about how awful it is.

That tells me that a lot of the most vehement remainers are hypocrites and liars, you don't have the courage to hold to convictions or you'd have spent the last 3 years preparing to leave the country if Brexit will be the disaster you all claim.

You lost and you don't like it, so you're acting like petulant children throwing a tantrum and trying trying to pass it off as moral indignation.

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I think you might be painfully ignorant, old thing, pick up a book and do some reading.

Expansion of the state and the collectivist ideology of race are both left wing tents, or have you ever picked up a copy of the Guardian?
It's unsurprising that many people are so poorly informed about the origins of the two most destructive political ideologies of the 20th century, both sprung directly from socialism.

The name, National Socialist Workers Party should be a give away for you.

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You mean the new left.

The Left has given birth to both the Communists and the Nazi's, the expansion of totalitarian of state control is always a hallmark of the left and it always ends in disaster, which leftists then try to palm off on the right, along with the blood of millions.

You ask someone on the right whether the Gov. should have more control and the state should be expanded and they'll resoundingly say no. Ask someone on the left and they'll say it's a good idea because people need to be brought round to the right way of thinking.

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Cynicus is a joke, he's yet to understand that fascism grows directly out of socialism, it's simply the other side of the same coin ans Communism.
There was nothing right wing about the fascists of the 20th century, they were all left wing, state expansionist identitarian collectivist political ideologies derived from socialist parties pushing for state control over the lives of it's citizens, which is the very definition of the left.