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Softie hits three.........

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Why would Seattle trade us Washburn for Pierre. Aren't they trying to dump salary? McCourt doesn't want to take on more salary this year which is stupid in my opinion. We are very very close to winning a championship this year and to pinch pennies would be silly. Wake up Frank

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The sad thing about MT's new hip is that now when I give Mark Shit, he may be able to catch me. Get Well Soon my friend. Manny's coming to the I.E. but the games are already sold out. Pull some strings D Romes.........

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Two really good starts that were needed from Kershaw and Kuroda. Now if we can get some good starts from the 5th spot. One more good starter puts us over the top. Washburn or whoever it might be. Who would we have to give up for Washburn? Hu and Stultz? Or are the Dodgers considering starting McDonald again? Anyway great win tonight....... Manny when 0 for 2 with a strikeout and a weak grounder to SS. Keep the wins a comin..................

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Good luck Mark, May the force be with you......

I agree with Rodger, only Ms Ethier knows for sure about the softie label.
We are all Dodger Brothers in here except for Marks son inlaw who is the Red Sox fan.......

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Do you think Jason Schmidt should be ready to pitch for someone else in 2010? We're getting him ready for someone next year. Maybe he'll go back to the Giants. Just a thought. We paid this guy $45 million for what 4-5 starts over three years. What a JOKE

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Blake signed a three year deal so he'll be back in 2010 and 2011. The Foundation will keep the team anchored for two more years. I was worried for awhile tonight during one of Hudson's at bats. He appeared to be injuried after breaking his bat and hubbling down to first. It was the third out and ESPN went to commercial so I never heard what happened. He stayed in the game and doesn't appear to be hurt. We can't loss the O-Dog. Ned, please sign the O-dog for at least two more years. Great win tonight. Now I can hold my head high as my town is infested with Angel creatures. Thank you for evening out the Freeway Series. Manny is Due back on July 3rd and Mark, When is Jason Schmidt coming??????? I just read that the Dodgers have interest in Washburn of Seattle. I guess it won't hurt as long as we don't give up much. BRuss OUT....

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Happy Father's Day to everyone. Even to Captain Blake basher. (and yes, everything is fine at home). Russell looked much better the last few nights. We need his production in the lineup and it truely showed last night. I too hope that Broxton shook off some of the rust because he's needed out there. Trancoso and Bell -a-sorry-oh are two big keys to our pen. They are doing a great job. Where has Cory Wade been? Is he injuried or just resting? I hope we will see the Clayton Kershaw that is mighty good today. If the Curve ball is working, we should win the game. Josh Bell in 2 1/2 years? I hope so. Romo, is Manny coming to the I.E.? Let me know and we'll meet up for a game. BRuss OUT.

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The Human Gas Can just poured gas all over the place.

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Wow Captain, I'm glad I gave you the opportunity to get the poison out. Even when you dead wrong about things I bet you think you're right on the money. Good Yuck with that Andy the Roach thing.

Bottom of the eight. I hope the human gas can - can put the fire out