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Cool. I really don't have time to implement this technique any time soon so I was wondering if Intense Debate worked with WP Super Cache without using your technique. I see youre using Intense Debate so maybe you or someone around here would know

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most over the counter sleep aids are just large doses of benadryl. You know what works? Melatonin. I got some from GNC. Its great. Its all natural stuff that your body produces anyway. you can take it an hour before you have to wake up and still not feel groggy. when it works its a miracle, when it doesnt then there are no bad effects, just a loss of a few bucks. if you get it make sure it ONLY has Melatonin in it. a lot of those supplements have things like valerian root and other herbs that will make you groggy. straight up Melatonin is the way to go

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I didn't know there was a clear definition of Psychopath. I thought it was a word like crazy thats used as an umbrella term to say someone has some sort of mental illness without going into detail. I thought when someone says "That guy is a psychopath" that really the person is a sociopath or has some other disorder that makes him a "psychopath". Interesting. I learned something new

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Thank you, I'm flattered and really appreciate that!

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Nothing wrong with it being a ToDo list. Your stalkers need a way of knowing what you're up to without having to drive by the house every few hours.

I ended up installing IntenseDebate by the way. It looks great with my new design and I love how it works. But did you have to wait a few hours for it to finish installing? Its telling me that its gonna take a few hours but I don't know how long is too long. I don't know how to tell if its still working or if its just hanging

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Debbie's comment was great. I actually had the same exact thought that her son had. But thats a very simplistic, albeit valid in many ways, way of thinking about it. I supposed I'd say something unnatural would be anything manipulated by humans that come out differently than you found it. For example, mining gold and making a ring out of it would be natural. Extracting opioid compounds from poppy plants, isolating their individual components and creating pain killers from them would be natural. But if you took one of the individual components of that same opium, lets say morphine, and then manipulated it at the atomic level through chemical reactions to create herion, that would be unnatural.

I'm guessing that what you are talking about, Terra, are practices like homosexuality that people call unnatural. If those people end up with the same sex instinctually that would be natural. But if a straight person were to go out and start having sex with the same gender that would be unnatural.

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I never notice that things will go wrong but I do notice that I'll put it off until 2 hours before the deadline.

Are you a teacher? I think thats something I knew... unless its not true. I think I read somewhere that you were a teacher though.

Anyway, I love your kids' names!

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That's partly why I was excited too. I just switched to Gmail from Yahoo just so I can use it. Its a hassle but I'm hoping its worth it

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Also, I don't think unblab is going to support free hotmail or free yahoo accounts. On their site it spcifies the plus accounts for those two services. I have a free yahoo acount but if they don't support it I'll be moving to gmail. How did you find out about the free yahoo/hotmail accounts? Maybe you know something I don't

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You got it! I'll definitely let you know. In fact if beta testers are given invites to pass out you'll be at the top of the list. (No one I know likes nerdy things like this so why not give it out to someone who would appreciate it)