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equestria games is gonna be a spike episode..... AWW COME ON!!

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Derpy about Muffins or Lullaby to a princess AND luna reply, they both have to be in the same episode or at least connecting episodes like 2 parters or games ponys play and just for sidekicks

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I feel like it will be more of the "wonderbolts academy" idea, RD is invited to go to the cloudsdale team, decides to join them only to find out they are complete assholes and joins her friends in ponyville

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feels more like the writers are focusing a lot more on their actual elements, consider the song from rairty takes manhatten and this synopsis I think the writers are trying to remind us that these characters still represent their elements

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could u imagine twilight with fangs?

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more or less completely unrelated, Tommy Olivers faviroute pony is rarity...and his name is Tom.... consipracy maybe?

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considering the comic variant for #14 was doctor whooves makes it seem that they are both getting cannon places now :D!!! lets hope derpy dosen't get censord again or doctor whooves gets copyrighted