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Why have there been no polls since Monday

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Yeah Paul, too bad Rob Gleason gamed the conference for Tim Burns. In a clean shoot, Russell would have one the primary hands down.

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Ask Barbara Hafer how serious Peg Luksik is...

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Heh, you beat me to it....

Curious that they are sending in the second string. So as not to embarass O as they did in Massachusetts perhaps?

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The repeated assertion that Peg Luksik is an earmarker are competely asinine. Regardless of your opinion of Peg Luksik, there is no evidence to support this claim one way or the other...

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There is a link on the main page

I am looking for a list of the Ballot Order. Any ideas?

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"Under our Constitution, anonymous pamphleteering is not a pernicious, fraudulent practice, but an honorable tradition of advocacy and of dissent. Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority." - McIntyre vs. Ohio Elections Commissions

(saw that in those cute Jim Cawley fliers that were going around)

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Your comments got me thinking about the mechanics of this some more. I mean if its two separate elections, do voters have to check in twice? The mechanics of this could effect the vote totals.

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It's not meaningless, in fact is exactly to my point. Why would be make the same mistake as the Dems and choose a candidate with low name id when we have other options. You are showing obvious bias toward Burns in replying to this poll with the statement "it is time for him (Russell) to move on and support the candidate who can win". Russell is the candidate that "can win" of the two, and we now have data to support that conclusion. That is "factchecking".

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Here is a real factcheck. The poll is publically available on their website. There's nothing unethical or unaccountable about it. If the poll showed Burns 30 points ahead, I am sure his people would have dropped a press release.