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I got one this mans emails, where did he get my name from, did he steal the BNP membership list or was he given a stolen list.

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That is the problem today, Britain is to much like America, with almost every single law and policy an almost exact replica of American Laws and Government policies.

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You are probably aware by now that the Police prevented us from protecting our community by completely surrounding us, whilst letting other areas burn to the ground.

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This is out of context but connected:- It is claimed last night, that the home secretary has not got the power to order the Met a cup of coffee, never mind ordering them to clamp down on rioters, it appears the Goverment have lost total control of the country, Cameron fiddled as Britain burned.

So if the government is not running the country, who the hell is?

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In our village we called ourselves the PPC ( See my other posts ) we did have good teanagers, who used to walk with us and chat, some of them would point us in the right direction for the groomers and pushers cars, actually getting them more involved is a very very good idea, it could be dangerous though which could land us in serious trouble if anything went wrong, also unfortunately there are not many clay pidgeon shooting ranges in a city.

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Bank on regarding the media, but unless they take down the internet, many people will always get to the truth.

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This is out of context:- Short selling is causing millions of people to loose their savings, what is it you might ask, well the criminal borrows shares from friends and sells them forcing the price down ( this is were millions of other share holder are loosing their savings, including many pension pots ), when the price has fallen enough they buy back the shares and return them to the original owner pocketing the difference ( They may not have had permission to borrow them "That's fraud "), also the person/company will also have lost a fortune on the shares and may not realise it.

Why is this immoral practice not banned, well it is simple the criminals are in charge of the Prison

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Whilst the liar Cameron was spouting his get tough rhetoric and complete bunch of lies to Parliament, they were actually releasing from court the convicted rioters, releasing them back on to the streets as he was speaking.

Many people will claim there were hardly any Police about and those that were there stood around looking the part but doing bugg*r all, however if you went to an elite area your would have found enough Police to completely surround the entire area twice.

One reason the Police were ordered to do nothing is because of PC and elf and safety., they were a bunch of big girls blouses and as much use as a f*rt in a bottle.

We need a private army

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Part 3

We did have an occasional confrontation, you just had to stand your ground with the ring leader, call him out one on one in front of the girls, maybe we were lucky but on every single occasion they backed down., I am not called BigPhil for nothing.

We disbanded after a couple of years and for 10 years now our village has been quiet, but I have noticed new drug pushers and Asian groomers coming up to the village, so we are reforming, it does not take long for these criminals to get the message that an area is a no go for them.

We did not get any cooperation from Police.

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part 2

we then went out on patrol initially in groups of 4, and just in casual clothes, every time a drug pusher drove in to the village we would mosy on over towards his car and started taking pictures we also did this with the Asian groomers they drove off we did this every time they came, eventually they simply stopped coming, eventually after seeing it was effective the local community started contributing and we were able to purchase stab vests and batons,“ it is very important that you do not carry your baton with you” what we did was have a rapid response person on call in case of trouble he would drive up to us a throw the packaged batons on the floor, the package would burst open and we could grab a baton. We also had mobile phone numbers that we could text and all our available members could be there if required in minutes.