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got it working! It took a while because I kept getting some errors. I had to retype the quotes into the code put into the funtctions.php and it worked. Thanks again!

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WOW! Great idea bro. I never even thought about this before. Im gonna go try this on my blog now. Thanks for sharing!

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I remember watching this back when it was posted lol great video

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I have been using a similar code but I have mine saying this "Currently @beyondrandom reading (here is where I put the call for permalink). That in turn shows off my Twitter account to the "tweeters" followers. I have been reading your site for a few days now and Im become a big fan! Thanks for sharing! oh and P.S. I love the theme! lol

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This is why I think Twitter is officially badass lol

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Thats pretty sweet! You can scroll through the videos and view them in it. Its about time they make something like this.

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Im diggin the new intro and outro! I checked my iPhone a couple days ago and saw that chick on the Most Viewed and was like wtf? she creeps me the fuck out!

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Theres actually a few movies I look forward to seeing this year: (in no specific order)
1. Terminator Salvation
2. Land of The Lost
3. Transformers 2
4. Public Enemies
5. Funny People
7. Sherlock Holmes
8. Avatar

damn thats a longer list then I expected lol

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"You should eat pussy tonight! I totally should I love doing that!" lmao greatest line ever

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I've heard they were smart but this is just ingenious!! lol