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What would you call the Impact Zone then?

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Raw's being shown in London on Monday.
Would've gone myself if the taping was in Birmingham.

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Jesus, how many concussions has Angelina had?
I still remember the time she won the KO title at Lockdown, and she didn't even remember it because of the concussion.

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Does anyone know any more news on when more old Raw or Smackdown episodes will be added?

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I've personally found it works best on iPad, recently started using it on my PS3 too, but that has issues a bit.
Apple TV used to work, now, not so much, so I tend to Airplay it from my iPad to the TV now.

Google Chrome and Hola Unblockers not too bad too.

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I thought the person who did the voice overs was a woman?

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Honestly, when he said "I won't be too long, and I hope not to bore you", I thought it was a subtle dig at Lita's speech.

But seriously, I know people are talking about it being on the Network, so they should have as much time as they want, but I think people forget (including me) that there's a curfew at the arenas they hold events at. That's more likely the reason than the Network if I'm honest.

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Definitely doable. I'm in the UK and I've got it too.
I paid with Paypal, had an address generator, and used a Smart DNS Proxy for it to work.

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Seems like Mr T got a hold of undertakers wardrobe...

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Wasn't able to watch it off the Network app on my Apple TV, some error, but had no problems from my iPad, except I was a couple of minutes behind :P