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cont......And while there are many who come here legally, there are many more who do not. And why do we want them to become citizens if they can't follow the first, simple law and come here legally? The Irish, Italians, Germans, every ethnic group from Europe came here, and they were poor, they came here and followed the legal steps to become citizens.

Now, in the name of political correctness, we are too let these folks come in, take our jobs, cause our hospitals to close because of the cost of allowing them to go to the ER and be treated, FREE, and our health insurance is increased to cover the the un-insured, AND our auto insurance is high because ot the un-insured. It is shameful for an American Veteran who has served his/her country to not be able to do all he needs for his family, while illegals are feeding their families with assistance from food stamps, and getting all kinds of "benifits" of citizenship" without having to apply for it and get it legally!!

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I hear you!
I understand why folks come to Amreica from Mexice to work. I live in AZ and I traveled to Mexico for 14 years to volunteer at an orphanage. (In Mexico if you cannot provide for your children, you can drop them off at an orphanage and come back and get them when you are back on your feet, "or not come back" as is usually the case.) Anyway, I've seen the poverty, the shacks in most of their towns, some hovels lacking water and electricity, and there is a real lack of healthcare, immunizaions, etc. There are lots of churches and organizations who go down and bring food, clothes and immunize the children at these orphanages.

So, I'm not blind to the need nor lack understanding or compassion over their plight.


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It appears Biden is a phoney thru and thru. He tells all these sob stories about poeple, and he could care less about the everyday man and woman. He only gave 0.2% to charity, a real stingy guy! He SHOULD donate hi sSS 'stimulus' to charity. Percentage wise, poor people as a whole give more to help others than this guy.

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That is wild! And "they" made fun of GWB for not knowing what was in the news. Personally, I think Obama is lying. He is just trying to discount them as being insignificant.

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That is funny, but Franken ceased being a comedian a long time a go, to become just a plain old fool.
It actually maks me sick at my stomach thinking of him as a U.S. Senator. He is a freak IMHO.

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Coucheya, I'm not that familar withyour party. Does that mean you also had a candidate for the Presidency?

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NancyNurse, Unless you live in Iraq, why do you think you have to accept their way of life? We will never have another cursade and try to fight and conquer over religion. They are what they are. Our fight with al Qaeda is a totally different battle. They want to ruin and control our way of life. The Iraqis have no ambition to destroy our country. For the most part they want to live in peace. It's the radicals of their religion who keep that from happening. But they are used to a form of government that tells them what to do. Untill they are taught how to get along with each other, they need someone who wields a heavy hand. They need a strong leader, but a leader who is not evil.

What we did to the Native Americans was wrong.

The only ones who can come to an agreement on the Israel Palestine situation, are the two countries. They have to both come to a point where they admit each exists, and has a right to live in peace, and on their own plot of earth. Americans can never fully understand the angst that exists between the two.

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RageforOrder, My son who spent time Iraq feels the same as you. While he doesn't think they need a dictator like Saddam, he thinks they need a strong individual leader who can tell them what to do. This region is too influenced by outside forces, religious ideologies, and when they do not have a strong leader, they fight among themselves. And their fighting, unlike ours which is words only, is often violent. I don't think they need a dictator, but a form of Democracy that is different from ours, (as you know, we are actully a Republic with Democratic leadership, elected by the people.)
We are getting to a point in America where we have almost as much hatred among our two major parties as the different religious sects that fight over the way that Iraq is to be in the future. What Iraq needs and what America needs is more civility and less coarsing of our behavior towards each other and no vitriol in Congress.

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phantom, America elected a president who bows to the Saudi King, disses the United States while on his Europe tour, and who trashes the United States Constitution, instead of electing an honorable veteran who has paid the price for loving his country. I don't get it, I never will. It scares me to death that a man like John McCain can't get elected and a man like Obama the unknown ,except for what he has told us about his-self, can get elected. I fear the damage he can do in four years.

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Thank you Rob and Happy Easter to you also!

My prayer: Heavenly Father, we worship and praise you and thank you for Your Son who You sent to die for us ad our sins. Forgive us of our sins and help us to daily walk with You and follow Your teachings. Father, we lift up all our troops and ask you guide, guard and protect them and that you bless them and their families and give them comfort. We also pray for our President and and Congress and ask You send Your Holy Spirit to them to show them the error of their ways and guide them to do what is right for our country. We ask that they be protected from all dangers and temptations. We thank You for this nation which was founded using the virtues, principles and values in Your Word, and the idealism of those who sought to create a more perfect nation.We pray that we will bring honor to You in all things.These things I (we) ask in the name of Your son, Jesus,
Happy Easter to all! Betsy