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Lindsay, your pitcher recipe sounds great - could have used it yesterday, as I was making them individually for my friend's barbecue guests (have magic bullet, will travel...!)

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Thanks, Dale, for helping to spread the word!

14 years ago @ KATU - Portland, OR - County to pay $70K for... · 0 replies · +3 points

Carri's on the money here - if you leave out the twitter/facebook angle, the job's for a senior communications strategist who's also a policy wonk and politically-savvy to boot. Or as Wheeler himself said: "It's much more than a kid sitting in a dark room sending off tweets."

Sure, the timing isn't great, and leading with the Twitter/Facebook angle really puts a fluffy spin on what will definitely be a challenging and needed job (especially as more and more people move away from traditional media sources like newspapers, television and radio.) But whoever gets this job will earn their money and then some.

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Wow - can we add that to our tag line - 'helping Portlanders come into their own?' Um, on second thought...we'll just take the (undeserved) thanks and leave it at that.

That also means you're finally going to write for us now, right? RIGHT?

15 years ago @ My Whim is Law - The best mojito recipe... · 0 replies · +1 points

Sort of - more like mashing, I\'d say!