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What is included in dry dog food?
Industrial feed is prepared from meat and offal, and they are the most important components. All feeds can be divided into several classes (we will discuss them later in the article). And if in granules belonging to the super-premium or premium class dog food with a greater probability there is still meat, then to obtain the economy class, the waste from processing meat processing plants is most often used and this is not the most wholesome food for dog.

All packs from Dog Food Advisor must indicate the amount of protein that may be of plant or animal origin. Meat is often replaced with the following products:

  • meat and fish and bone meal;

  • soybeans;

  • fodder yeast;

  • different types of cake.

  • Carbohydrates must be present in dry food for pets; they are obtained from grain (wheat, oats), bran, squeezed vegetables. This component improves digestive processes, and also helps to balance nutrition.
    Fats contribute to the palatability of the feed itself. Best if it is of animal origin, for example, from chicken or turkey. Corn or soybeans are used to produce vegetable fat.
    Vitamin and mineral complexes are part of premium or holistic feed. Such additives support the health of dogs, have a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system, and improve the digestive system. If a pet has only industrial types of food, then such additives must be included in his diet, the same applies to age-related animals.