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"My current conviction is that the main fuel that powers the anti-Hillary crowd is sexism...

And just to be clear, I don’t think it’s ONLY sexism. But I do think that this is the primary force that has generated and maintained most of the negative narratives about Hillary."

I kind of wish people would be less apologetic. That has a bit of NotAllMen flavour to it. By saying "the main fuel", any good faith reader would infer "not the ONLY fuel." Why repeat yourself? The kind of people who need to hear it more than once are the ones who, when you say, "It's not ALL sexism", hear, "NONE of it is sexism."

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When Walter the Farting Dog came out, a parent put it on the school library's wish list. This list was not accessible to the kids, but it seems she felt writing out "Farting" was untoward or something. So she wrote "Walter the F'ing Dog. "

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When the orchestra I was in did Barber of Seville, it was all I could do not to belt out, "Welcome to my shop, let me cut your mop..." during practice. I did sing it in my head though. And pictured Bugs massaging Elmer Fudd's scalp with his toes.

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It's so hard to get a read on what's actually happening since men's perception is so distorted:

I mean, you could be doing it and it could be something he doesn't do to you. Which, yes, then try to be aware of it. But it could also be something you both do, and something he does to other men and other men do to him, but he only notices and interprets as rude or dismissive when you do it. Kinda like when a man and a woman both say or do the exact same thing, and he's confident and assertive, she's abrasive and aggressive.

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Not a nemesis story, and it pales in comparison to yours, but my doctor had a receptionist for a mercifully brief period that was so mean. One day, I took one of my kids in for an appointment. The waiting room was almost empty (appointment was just after lunch break) and we sat in the first seats, directly in front of her desk. There were no other kids there, so I didn't bother going up to her to check in and say we were here, because it was, like, obvious. After waiting quite a while, and seeing other people that came after us get called in, I went to her desk to ask why she hadn't called us. She smirked at me and said, "You didn't check in. I didn't know you were here."

I didn't say anything else at the time, and normally I wouldn't do anything after either, but I was so upset that when I got home, I called her back and told her she was nasty and petty for doing that.

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"If seekers answer the questions incorrectly, they can be rejected for not being true converts. But if they answer correctly, they can be rejected for simply memorizing the correct thing to say."

Hmmm, where have I heard that kind of thing before?

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"And don't take your agent's recommendation"

Haha, that's what we did wrong.

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When I was about 16, my mother said to me, "I'm not going to let you girls date until you are 18." Not that there wasn't about a kazillion other things that told me to hide my life from my family, but that clinched it. So they didn't meet my partner until we were moving in together.

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Second the get a good home inspector. Where I live, there's really no standards for home inspectors. Anyone can hang out a shingle. Including, especially, the one we got. Fortunately for us, the house was sound. But it would have been preferable to just light the money on fire. We would have been out the same amount but at least he wouldn't have got it.

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I use to have the impression that early feminists were busy with the basics, like getting the vote, (yeah, I hadn't actually read feminist writing of the time) and it would take years of discussion and thought for them to build up to the "sophisticated" ideas of today. Like, if you don't even have the vote, are severely limited in your ability to be independent, etc., how are you going to craft an argument about something like men doing their share of the housework, which seems like a flight of fancy for those times? But nope, here it is, fully formed, in 1920:

I like this one for women bearing the responsibility for childcare: