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The problem of the @ symbol can be solved by modifying the standard Cyrillic keyboard layout. Software manufacturers (Microsoft, Apple, etc.) can do this; it has nothing to do with keyboard manufacturers or keyboard hardware. It's a simple change in the configuration of the operating system software. This happens all the time. For example, it was done for many keyboard layouts to add the euro symbol (€) when the European currency was introduced.

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Miss France 2010 is also Arab. Don't you think this is just a way for the media industry to give itself an alibi for being so racist in general? "No, no, we're not racist! Look, we even chose an Arab woman in a beauty pageant!"

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The YouTube link above is broken. Here's the correct link:

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The lead author has disowned the report:

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Al-Jazeera has picked up the White House's backtracking:

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I'd like to know what it would really take, in terms of international pressure and modifications in the balance of power within Israel, to get the settlements removed, and if anyone can sketch out a plausible scenario for that, keeping in mind that it took about 40 years for the international anti-apartheid movement to produce results in South Africa, and that the BDS campaign against Israeli apartheid is only just now getting off the ground. Israeli settlements could expand a lot in the next 40 years. If nobody can produce a plausible scenario for the dismantling of settlements, I think Ali Abunimah's argument -- that the two-state solution is a lost cause and that the only remaining option is a one-state solution -- looks convincing. Another possibility is that Israel will opt for total ethnic cleansing, kick out all the Palestinians, and annex all the occupied territories. What would keep them from doing that?

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A few days ago I saw a middle-aged woman in the Cairo Metro wearing a strict higab and a long-sleeved shirt emblazoned with the word "Playboy" and a huge Playboy bunny logo.

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A concrete initiative (on science and technology) rather than mere rhetoric! Maybe the White House has been paying attention to this blog. :)

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Treat with caution especially right before an election!

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Here's one of the guides I remembered seeing, the 1943 "Guide for US Forces Serving in Iraq":