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Go ahead and run with it Craig. I'm glad it struck a cord. Attribution would be nice but not required unless you're going to quote me.

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Indeed, as it says on the chart, I got it from Foster's Creative Destruction. Unlike the book, my argument is that we are going thru an age where smaller, more agile companies will be the more profound destruction of large companies as opposed to the large company vs. large company argument the book primarily focuses on (at least that's what I can gather from the Amazon summary).

I firmly believe that the barriers to entry into almost any market have fallen thru the floor due to the low cost of technology. The institutional advantage has been lost and the newer, smaller, more nimble firm is the only one to gain in this new business paradigm of the 21st century. Everyone else will need to unlearn and re-learn only after there is a cultural acceptance of this new economy. Most companies will go down fighting doing things the same way they have been - the chart only makes this point. But this is where creativity amongst the giants will be an interesting show... following the book's premise.

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That is pretty close. All I can say is good job and great minds think alike ;-)

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Hi Kim,

I would be happy for you to republish any part of the presentation. Please just add source and link back to my site in the final document.

Thanks for you interest.

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I have definitely heard that and have researched it extensively. This video is the best one that sums up what you are describing!

[youtube qp0HIF3SfI4 youtube]

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Thanks Amy. The next 3 years are going to be very interesting indeed.

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I would agree with you in a general sense. Which is why viruses and messages have a lifespan. And if involvement is only to push out "talkiing points" then your network really isn't supporting a bi-directional conversation. This happens in real life as well. We all have friendships that wane for whatever reason. Apply this to networks, you will have people entering and exiting your ecosystem all the time. Real conversation as opposed to "talking points" has the potential to multiply unfettered. This does not minimize that the need to reinvent ever stops or that relationships of any source don't have a lifetime. But remember that wherever there is death, there is a rebirth in any ecosystem creating a continuum with no bounds (theoretically that is).

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I would get familiar with Clay Shirky (if you're not already). Great blog BTW Belinda :)

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Thanks for your interest :) Unfortunately, I have A.D.D. when it comes to topics and really congratulate myself when I can spit out a blog post here and there ;) Maybe one day a book is in my future but I like the interactivity of blogging thus far ;)

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Thanks for stopping by. I agree that it can be information overload. Because besides all the ways we can connect socially, real live also happens which makes it all the more difficult to make the truly meaningful connections. But I think the meaningful ones are "meant to be" somehow and have a way of filtering thru the noise. Or maybe I'm naive ;)