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‘Having secured trade deals covering 61 countries,‘

Are we saying Liz Truss is the most successful trade/government minister type woman in human history? Or are we going to admit she didn’t single-handedly dream up and secure 61 trade deals in a matter of months?

In an alternative universe did Liz Truss forge a career in mountain rescue rather than politics and so this week the U.K. has not 61 deals but a mere 5 with cabinet minister Luke Toss telling his concerned colleagues: “I really can’t understand why the Japanese are being so beastly”?

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‘The Turing scheme exemplifies the spirit of Brexit,”

Farage’s Breaking Point poster exemplifies the spirit of Brexit along with Facebook fake news memes about Brussels banning our cuppa, Leave.EU’s notorious “Kraut” tweet and the bloke who rang up LBC radio to talk about 3 pin plugs.

Absolutely no one in England voted Brexit so that students could have tax payer funded trips to Africa and Vietnam.

No woman in Kent ever said “France is too small for our ambitions. Our kids should be studying in Ethiopia and we should have more Ethiopian youngsters studying here.”

I live with Brexit voters in a street that houses foreign exchange students, an international school just around the corner. The brexit voters are the least likely people to want more Ethiopian students sitting in our local park when school’s out.

‘What are they doing in our country?’ sums up the spirit of Brexit, I think.

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Dear me.

The idea that working class and skint kids in Kent didn’t benefit from Erasmus and visa free travel to France but now they can go to Africa...

Here’s the mundane reality: if the average Brit (and I’m looking at you, Richard Littlejohn) in 2020 says “Erasmus? What a load of liberal elite rubbish.” Then Turing trips to Africa are going to go down like a cup of sick with voters so in 20 years Brits will say “Turing? They should scrap that rubbish. Who pays for all them all trips to Africa? I do.’

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‘a good deal of British pluck. ‘

Jesus. You’re meant to be one of our great thinkers, are you?

What the **** is British pluck? Is it something scientists in Africa have been able to isolate?

A mere figure of speech, then? Right. A writer’s flourish. Aye. Padding.

It’s like praising Barnier for being brave enough to come to London and engage in trade negotiations.

‘We thought pluck was a uniquely British trait but here you are Mr Barnier.”
‘We thought pluck was a uniquely British trait. And yet you face us with nothing more than bottled water and 5 A4 ring binders.”
‘Pluck, Mr Barnier. Pluck. We thought it was uniquely British.”
‘What made you think that? Are you all a tad simple?’

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‘So I was incandescent when, following a ridiculously lengthy delay even by his own standards, Boris Johnson’s press conference clashed with that immovable highlight of Christmas Eve, the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols from King’s College, Cambridge.”

One of the most absurd paragraphs ever to appear on this website.

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Couldn’t give a flying **** about the details. I’ve taken back control and am ready to thrive.

Stop talking the country down, Davis.

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‘Boris did a gamble son.”
‘What’s it mean for me, dad?’
‘You won’t be joining me and mum out here in Spain and you’ll pay a bit more for your food.”
‘What do the media say?”
‘They say you should shut up moaning and help make Britain become a success. I think the idea going forward is that you have to work harder.”

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Life is a funny old game. A real mixed bag of randomness and chance. Chaos.

Imagine if Poles were green skinned due to genetics. Maybe the EU wouldn’t even exist because instead the race would have been on the past 50 years to keep the green skinned out of Europe and in 1997 here in England we voted for the anti-green skinned party led by Mary Sherbert. Mary Sherbert’s posters depicting green skinned people flooding into England appearing on the London Underground and making lots of people go “at last someone is saying what we’re all thinking.”

Imagine if a land bridge between France and Dover had been built by a Victorian man so smart that he made Edison look like Neil Hamilton? Imagine the number of French women in their 60s now living in Devon with their English husbands. A 30 year old Devon politician campaigning to get more French taught in Devon’s schools.

Life is a right mixed bag. We could teach children to hate the Welsh. Imagine the chaos that would result.

I have no idea what people will be doing in 400 years time. Maybe talking French in Devon, some of them. Maybe the English Republican Army will be targeting Welsh second home owners.

History is one thing after another, as they say.

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I am a working class remainer. I understood in 2016 that any form of Brexit would involve compromise and fudge.

The middle/millionaire class Tory government has caught up with me, at long last.

It can be likened to broadband: whoever you go with you have to pay a bill and you have different services depending on who you’re with and how much you pay. Attitudes to those fees and services varies from person to person.

I understand I pay “hidden” fees for something called “BT Sport” which I’ve never once seen and that money goes from my bank account and trickles up so, eventually, a BT executive gets to fly first class with her husband when they celebrate her 60th birthday.

I subsidise the wealthy whichever broadband provider I go with. I understand this.

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No idea of the exact numbers but anyone who wanted less EU migrants and more Indian migrants voted leave, as was their democratic right.

One of the accusations levelled against us remainers was that we were racist. Grimes et al probably tweeted that the EU was racist.

I tried to explain to the leavers that freedom of movement applied to Lenny Henry as much as it applied to Dawn French therefore it clearly wasn’t a race base policy* but you know what leavers are like - just counter attack with some more guff.

*this isn’t to suggest that Europe and its millions of voters are not at all motivated by a desire to see white-majority Europe retain top dog status. Human nature being what it is.