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Gee, an anti-immigrant gun nut.

Wonder where he got his inspiration from?

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Number two, as much as I enjoyed watching Beck destroy this knucklehead, I hated tonight's "recap" of the event. I thought it was pointless and silly. On tonight's show, Beck replayed some highlights of the interview and had another Fox News legal analyst there to confirm that Beck was right. There was no reason for Beck to rehash the interview. Everyone watching understood the point and I thought it was almost gloating for Beck to replay it. On top of that, it was unnecessary to have a Fox News legal analyst to confirm that Beck was right. People watching are intelligent enough to know that Beck won the debate. It was a waste of time to call in a third party to provide a play-by-play breakdown confirming what we already knew.

The initial interview was fantastic. The self-aggrandizing and ultimately unnecessary instant replay tonight was not.

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OK, two things.

Number one, Beck's cross-examination of Blumenthal was awesome. I loved it. For someone who professes to despise attorneys, Beck performed like one of the best. He had one of Connecticut's top law enforcement officials completely lost. And Beck is absolutely right, the recipients of the AIG bonus money broke no law. We cannot legislate kindness or sharing. Nor should we try to.

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So often, our greatest strengths are simultaneously our greatest weaknesses.

Our unparallelled personal liberty and civil rights make us a target for terrorism.

The OnStar system gives us the incredible ability to get help from our cars anywhere in the world and also allows the government to listen in to our private conversations.

Cell phone technology allows us to call anyone from just about anywhere but also allows the government to track our every movement.

And our computerized infrastructure allows for greater efficiency at the same time it makes us vulnerable to hackers.

In every case the question we have to ask ourselves is, do the benefits of the positive consequences outweigh the risks of abuse?

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Yes, there has.

In 2002, President George W. Bush achieved the most significant alteration in the foreign policy of the world's only superpower, reserving the right to preemptively attack another sovereign nation without the consent of Congress.

Next to that move, taking over General Motors is just kid stuff. Heck, Truman seized the entire steel industry. Obama has a long way to go before he tops the power grab list. Our country has a long history of executive power grabs, but 2001-2008 takes the cake.

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That is completely untrue.

Revolutions are not won with bullets. They are won with words.

Yes, at times wars of ideas will lead to physical force. But the wars are never won on the battlefield. Ultimately, the wars are won when one group of people convinces another group of people to believe something they had previously rejected.

The war on terrorism is a perfect example. We can drop as many bombs as we like on terrorist training camps, but the war can only be won by convincing these suicide bombers that they have nothing to gain by terrorizing us. As long as these evil psychos believe they have something to gain, they will continue to plot and plan against us. The day that dirtbags like Osama bin Laden can no longer profit from terror is the day they will stop committing it.

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And I'll tell you another thing that would make this movement more effective... rationally debating opposing points of view rather than resorting to childish name-calling or asking an administrator to censor them. I have been the unfortunate recipient of both kinds of treatment, and I can tell you that this project has no hope of convincing anyone if it cannot engage in a reasoned discussion with someone that disagrees.

I don't agree with everyone here on every issue. I don't disagree with everyone here on every issue, either. Do you know what they call someone like that? Human.

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When someone remarks "load your gun," it is a thinly veiled warning that violence is imminent. Reasonable people would not take it any other way. Nobody here accepted such a nuanced view of simple English when Jeremiah Wright said "G*d damn America."

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Bachman is a fringe nut. You may agree with her but she would get no support from the center. She is making herself very popular with the extreme right while making herself very alienated from the rest of America.

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Sean Hannity may tell it like it is, or at least the way he believes it to be, but he is definitely not knowledgeable. Bill O'Reilly is incredibly more intelligent than Sean Hannity.