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It Only Goes to Show...You Reap what you Throw...hahahahahahahahaha..Alpha .Mike,Foxtrot..loser

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America is growing tried of this Ass..STFU Obomba

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Why does the truth about Obomba the Magnificent hurt all of his devoted BED WETTING Folowers so much..NUT UP LITTLE BITCH"S

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Memo to Obomba the Magnificent::::: The American People Fear YOU...We know little about your very sketchy past...You and your Co-Conspirators have have kept it from view..WE FEAR YOU...OBOMBA THE MAGNIFICENT

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Memo to Obomba the Magnificent::::: You are the Media .....You are the Media Star President......You were a package the Madison Avenue Public Relations Firms created,sold,exploited,misled,Spun until enough Stupid Americans chewed swallowed and believed that what you were saying was the Truth... That Prime Filet the American public digested was nothing but a Huge Crap Sandwich.. As Buyers remorse set in..people are finally realizing ...... I VOTED TO SCREW MYSELF

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hahahahahahahahahaha.....good one..

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Pelosheviks...That may be the best definition of a Democrat Retard ever...Thanks Im going to use that...

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Let them study the bodies of the dead prisoners of the Bataan death march, The Rape of Nanjing.the bodies of POWs and Chinese citizens that chemical weapons were tested on, The thousands of Philippine citizens that were raped and butchered. The thousands of POWs that were starved,beaten and beheaded building the railroad in Burma. The Koreans that were used as slave labor, The Korean women that were forced into military brothels and raped by 100 Jap soldiers a day. This is why Japan got nuked.. It stopped a WAR that would have lasted over another year.and the deaths of over 20 million more. If the US would have invaded the Japanese home island.

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The NFL needs the Arena League to help develop young talent. Or expand the practice squad to 15 players

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Yes Indeed any time the District of Colombia GOVERMENT gets more Tax Money it is a great victory !!!! Marion Barry has more money to buy crack and prostitutes..