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I don't necessarily disagree with you. But what I saw last night was the entire argument going up in actual flames. Gone. Damn shame.

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I'm confused. I do think the decision was bullshit, but what could he say? Was he supposed to, as the president, call the whole system bullshit? Was he supposed to be okay with the destruction of private property?

He can't appease anyone, it seems.

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No..and I constantly correct my kid about the word "ain't." We're a small bunch, and it's hard, but we are working. Don't make assumptions if you haven't been here and met the good people. I don't comment enough to have made a connection with the monkey (or gorilla, I don't know) girl, but I live in midwest city and I assume she lives in Norman. I can't commit to that!

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By the way...let's hope that the Aussie likes football...because Boomer Fucking Sooner.

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A person living in okc actually gave you a reasonable suggestion, and nothing. Sometimes you guys really are as stupid and ignorant as the people you make fun of. There are actually some fun things to do here, you just have to look.

Nobody really wanted to help, just to make fun. I don't know why I'm surprised. You're all from "big" towns. I need to go to bed and lick my wounds, as my town just lost a game in the western conference finals.

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Confession: I was irritated by Scandal somewhere around the time the mother took off on a plane. That episode coincided with the new season of House of Cards. I haven't watched Scandal since. They lost their way somewhere, and they lost me. I haven't had any desire to catch up. I think I'm done.

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I don't want to incite anything, but your "whenever, wherever" mentality seems rude to me. They say it's water vapor, but who knows? I smoke, and like you, consider myself a polite smoker. I wouldn't vape in a place, outside of my bedroom, that I wouldn't smoke. In public, I would never vape in a place that doesn't allow smoking. I'm sorry, but I just think it's rude.

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I want to first say that I smoke, and am very interested in vaping. I once watched a woman in the produce section smoking an e-cigg, and I thought it was discourteous. I'm not sure why I felt that way. I just had this weird thought that whatever she was actually exhaling would somehow wind up in the vegetables. I've always been an extremely polite smoker, and I expect that people be polite when vaping as well. After all, we don't yet know if they're harmful or not, so I think they should be treated as though they might be. Just in case.

They are, in my opinion, an alternative to smoking. They're not a license to smoke, or vape, anywhere you choose. At the very least, no one wants to smell your cherry vanilla smelling respiration. Courtesy is important. Don't be an asshole.

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I'm definitely in the group that reads a lot and struggles with the pronunciation of uncommon words. I'm actually interested to know what words you all always spell incorrectly. I can't think of mine at the moment, but there are a few words that spell check calls me out on every time, and I feel ashamed.

ETA: This might be a good QOTD.